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Photo of the day: November 2012

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by oblomow, Nov 1, 2012.

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    It's November on the International Dateline.[/B]

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    Easedale Tarn...

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    The local beach this afternoon. Experimenting with a circular polarising filter that I just received.


    Port Noarlunga Beach by iJohn.8.80 on Flickr
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    Designer Dale

    Fall in the Nisqually Delta.

    EXIF Summary: Cannon 7D 1/160s f/8.0 ISO100 Canon 100mm Macro

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    I love taking photos out of airplane windows. This is from somewhere in the Andes between Lima and Cusco.

    Peru by Melissa.O.Anderson, on Flickr
  9. DesterWallaboo, Nov 1, 2012
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    Photo of my daughter I shot on October 30th..... I shot a family photo with us all being zombies out in this great field, with this industrial section in the distance behind us. And then I shot several single shots inside my studio. This is one of the creepiest ones....

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    I learned today that there is only ONE lake in the Lake's District... all the others are meres, tarns or waters.

    Call them whatever you will... the Doylem pictures are delicious.
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    Designer Dale

    Proper pronunciation is Lake District. When you see Lake's District, it's a possessive spelling. The district belongs to the lake.

    Extra credit question: Who was Vinandr?

    The Lake District is on my "bucket list".

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    Mine for today!
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    Was thinking about this place Monday Night ..... Wonder if they made it ...[​IMG]
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    True... and it's Bassenthwaite Lake. I talk about 'Lake Windermere', which is a bit of a tautology, since lake = mere... but merely to differentiate it from Windermere, the town. As well as the main lakes (16, most folk agree), there are hundreds of smaller bodies of water, mostly known as tarns...
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    Great portrait photo of a good looking young man - bravo to the photographer / Dad.
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    As always, any critique appreciated!

    On The Fence by acearchie, on Flickr

    You might want to think about resizing. I can't even fit the whole thing on my screen!
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    Pacific Grove Sunset

    Recent shot.

    Attached Files:

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    acearchie, I am envious of your time with the models. Same ones as last months "pool shot". I'm thinking daughters or maybe nieces. Lucky devil;) I thought the "pool shot" was sweet. cheers
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    Back from a trip to parts of Greece and Italy...

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    Wondering how "someoldguy" is doing. I know he's in the NYC area. Hope he's ok. Been talking with my eldest daughter who lives in Brooklyn and she has come through Sandy unscathed, other than not be able to get to work with the transit situation. Anyway, best wishes to "someoldguy" and all the folks affected by Sandy.
  23. someoldguy, Nov 1, 2012
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    Thanks.... Yup , still alive, dodged the bullet ( barely ) again . I'm in one of the 3 small towns in North Jersey that got slammed when the berm on the Hackensack River got breached/overtopped .Water came up fast and caught everyone off guard . My guess is about 80% of the houses had some sort of water damage to their lower levels/basements . All I've got are some shingles blown off , and no power since around 11:30 Monday . Been running off generator since . Got my place and my neighbor running off the one machine . Tuesday morning we had major National Guard , State Police , county , and local mutual aid folks here . Even an airboat . FEMA trucks were around yesterday . The lower parts of town still have some water , might be there until power goes on and the pump stations go back online . Cleanup's going to take some time but everyones pulling together pretty much , Flooding isn't that unusual here , but it's never been like this ( I've been here most of my 63 years , family in town over 100) . Saddened to see what happened to my town , but my heart really goes out to those folks down the Shore and on Long Island .... a lot of those places just got flattened .Suspect the place in my last post looks a lot different now ( it is/was near Atlantic City ...near Exit 39 on the Parkway) . Thanks for thinking of us.
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    Found these hanging up to dry in the sun at the local Surf Life Savers clubrooms yesterday. They teach aquatics to school kids during the day, the kids use these wetsuits when it's a bit cold in the water.


    Wet Suits by iJohn.8.80 on Flickr
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    Having been born in Brooklyn and having lived in NJ a good part of my youth and with ALL of my siblings and most of my cousins still in the NY-NJ area, I was blown away by the devastation. I hung out at the Jersey shore and to see the Seaside boardwalk obliterated and talk to a friend who now lives on the beach and hear of the destruction and devastation just breaks my heart. To all who have been impacted by this deadly storm, my prayers go out daily to all of you! Stay safe and well. You are not alone. SOG, glad you are safe!

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