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Photoshop - Fill text box?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by LERsince1991, May 24, 2009.

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    Using photoshop CS4 how can I fill the textbox?

    For example I write 2 lines in black and want to put a colour behind the text so that it fills it to only where text is and not the whole text box.

    Added a quick example

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    Not aware of an automatic way... Pretty easy to do manually though with marque and fill.

    Not actually tried before though, so could be entirely wrong :) lol
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    same here, I normally just make a new layer for it and then mask off the shape etc
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    Ok then, I swear I could do this in something like powerpoint so I thought that Photoshop should be able to do it.

    I had a quick go, not the thing I wanted to do it on but its all good practice.

    Thought there would be a quicker way, say I wanted to do this to a couple of paragraphs... that would take the **** lol

    It's hard to get the thicknesses consistent as well. Yes I could duplicate the layer x amount of times but how would I know what size each lines needs...

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    Jim Campbell

    Photoshop is not -- no matter how hard Adobe try to bloat the feature-set -- a text-handling application.

    Seriously, the point at which you have more than a line of text is the point at which you should be looking at Illustrator or InDesign.


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    I learned this the hard way. I used to use photoshop for everything, now I rarely touch it for this very reason.
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    I'll do it in ID then, how would I do this?
    I used to use photoshop for everything too but I know what the programs are for now and can use them after some practice.
    Just thought Ps could do some text lol

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    Jim Campbell

    From memory, if you highlight the text with the text selection tool in ID, then the fill colour will apply to the text. If you select the text box with the object selection tool (black arrow) and pick a fill colour, it will apply to the box itself.

    Also: the colour palette will show a 'T' if you're dealing with text colours, rather than box colours.
    Edit to add: However, the above will fill the whole text box, rather than apply a background to the text itself, dependent upon the line-length. So, you would need to create a separate text box for each line to achieve the effect in the original post.

    Personally, I was always taught to put a separate box behind the text rather than fill the text box itself and -- although that advice came to me working with Quark 3.31 -- it still works for me ...



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