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photshop file error.

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dogbone, Nov 26, 2006.

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    This happens every now and again and I cannot work out what causes it.

    Occasionally a .jpg file wont open in photoshop. I get an error message, although it opens fine in preview or painter.

    Any clues? I've tried opening in Painter then resaving or resaving from preview with a different name but I still get the error message in photoshop.
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    Meh, different JPEG decoders, different bugs.

    An OK workaround is to save as a different format in Preview/whatever, or use the clipboard to move the bits over.
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    What's really annoying is that these are jpegs that were originally made in Photoshop and used to open fine. Even opening in Painter then saving out of Painter as a psd it still won't open in Photoshop. It has just started happening with a small bunch of files.
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    mad jew

    It's not the cleanest method, but if I'm having trouble with a file I sometimes take a screenshot of it and work with that Of course, this only really works well with images that are smaller than the display's resolution.
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    Do you use any photo broswser/etc. software that is able to make changes (comments, whatever) to EXIF data or that kind of thing? If that is messed up (or, at least, contains stuff that PS can't handle), and the other software tries to preserve it, the problem will persist across a re-save. Of course, it's going to be a pain avoiding this problem if you don't know where it starts :(
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    Not I usually just view things in preview or sometime the Photoshop browser, I don't use iPhoto at all. These are images that have only ever been through Photoshop or occasionally opened in Preview. And it only happenes with files that have the Photoshop icon.

    I'll try and post a screenshot of the error message tomorrow, I'm not at the computer with the gammy files.

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