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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by cam50626, Mar 17, 2006.

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    I will be doing php as part of my degree next year.
    Can anyone suggest a good book for complete beginners?
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    O'Reilly's books are normally very good. I've browsed a bit in Learning PHP 5, and that seems up to normal O'Reilly standard.

    But, a couple of follow up questions:
    - Are you going to use PHP 4 or 5?
    - Are you a complete beginner to web programming in general, or just PHP? (I.e. do you know HTML coding?)
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    I like the PHP/MySQL Bible. PHP in a Nutshell is decent, probably a second choice.
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    Yes, I use the PHP Bible quite a lot myself. But I'm not sure that's the best for beginners, though, or...?

    Almost forgot (it's so obvious to me :eek:): php.net is the essential website... :)
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    That was published in 2001 and is woefully out of date.

    I'd suggest O'Reilly's 'Web Development with PHP and MySQL' 2nd Edition if you want a book that leads you through development of some actual code rather than just a reference manual. IMHO http://www.php.net is enough for reference.
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    The online manual at php.net is very good as well.

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