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Picked up ATV3

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Toltepeceno, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Well, I went ahead and got it. I debated it as it is not jailbroken yet, but I am glad I went ahead and got it. I am using unblock us so I can get netflix us and hulu plus. It works great, you just have to have a us netflix account. I have one and opened a hulu plus account. would it be better jailbroken? Absolutely. Am I glad I went ahead and got it? Absolutely. I wanted the 1080p support. Overall I am very happy. Next a mac mini itunes server (when I can).
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    I'm in the UK, I'm just waiting for a ATV3 to be delivered. Do you know if unblock us would work for me?
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    Yes unblock-us works to give you US netflix and Hulu plus in the UK.

    Note that because netflix is available in the UK, you don't have to create a US account, a UK one works fine with Netfix US.
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    Thanks thats great
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    I know here in mexico you have to have a us account to access the us stuff. If I access a mexican netflix account through unblock us and see the us content it still will not work. You have to set up a us account. I just figured it was that way elsewhere.
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    I picked one up too tonight.

    Not interested in "jailbreaking," just wanted in the Kitchen for AirPlay & Home Sharing.

    I love it, I would've pick up another one for my Home Theater but just use my Samsung Galaxy S3 to stream it.
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    Just making sure that you're switching the location region on Unblock itself. On my US Netflix account I can access all the various country libraries.
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    Sorry to sound like a plank.... What is unblock? Where do I get it and how?

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    for when sites check ip address for regional use only.
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    It's actually unblock-us.com The above address goes to a squatter page.
  11. Toltepeceno, Aug 9, 2012
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    I will take a look at that. It used to be that you had to do it that way.

    Wow, you are correct. Thanks. I was using a sony blu ray (before it died) and we have a wii (kids) and you had to do them both that way. This atv gets better all the time.:)

    I will also add that the video from netflix and hulu plus are both better on the atv3 than the other 2.
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    Glad I could help you. That selector on Unblock works so nicely now.

    I don't bother setting up individual devices. I put the settings into the router itself and let that cover the entire household.
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    The issue for Netflix and others when outside the US is I think payment for the downloads/streaming. You have to pay using a US credit card. I am in Canada and had this problem with iTunes/US. I ended up using US$ Apple gift cards. I registered with Netflix US also using a US address but had no simple way to pay them from Canada.
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    Yes, I did that at first but it messed up the (non english speaking) kids on the wii. It's not that easy for me.


    I only have us cards, navy federal credit union.
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    You can now get Netflix in the UK so don't need a US account. When you change the DNS it will allow you to access the US content. Easy!

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