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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by JeDiBoYTJ, Mar 2, 2005.

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    How does everyone, who owns a PB, pick it up? I mean, I want to know because sometimes I tend to pick it up with one hand when im moving a short distance, like from desk to bed/chair, or when im taking it out of its case... but does it hurt it if you pick it up with one hand, thats on the side? I keep thinking I might 'crack' something inside because of it...

    do you think the case is strong enough to support that?
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    I carry it from the back in my palms to my side, like a heavy textbook. I would not squeeze it between my fingers.
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    I will try to pick it up from opposite corners. When traveling distance it goes into a marwar case with a keyboard protector.

    Though with all my carefullness i still have a small dent after 2 weeks of ownerships. Go figure.
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    yeah, i carry it like that too when im, like, walking across my house or something
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    Just a word of warning: I really wouldn't pick it up with one hand if I were you, even for a short distance. I once borrowed a PowerBook that I was charging in my living room. When I lifted it up with my hand to carry it to my bedroom, the powercord got snagged on a doorknob and the PowerBook just flew out of my hand and landed on the hardwood floor. :eek: The result was not pretty, needless to say. I'm convinced that if I had been using two hands this wouldn't have happened (but who really know, I guess).
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    I can't say that I've ever really cared how I pick mine up. It's really a solid rock.

    However, I've picked up my IBM Thinkpad by the screen (open screen), DVD drive, battery, edge of the keyboard. Now that sucker just will not break. I wouldn't advise doing this to your purty mac.

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    Here's the key:
    Sandpaper. Locate the highest grade sandpaper you can, and cut small circles. Then, glue these circles onto the tips of a Porta-vice. Clamp the name-brand Porta-vice with the newly modified Accentuated Gripping Feature to the edge of the Inspiron. Then, turn the vice at least four to thirty-seven extras rotations for a sure grip.

    ..oh wait.... Powerbook you said???

    ...locate a bulletproof, waterproof, fireproof, impactresistant (or impactproof, depending on your ability to haul heavy loads), dustproof, childproof, windproof, and locked briefcase. Lift powerbook with two hands, wearing sterile cotton gloves, and gently place in briefcase. Close and secure briefcase, transport. Repeat as necessary. Good luck, 007.
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    Did you have to pay for it? Anyway, for safety sake, you could hold the PB with both hands with each hand on opposite corners. Hold it this way, sometimes you have the urge to spin it in your hands.
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    That is hilarious, Ben.

    To answer your question... pretty much the exact opposite of how you would treat/transport a PC. Uh... I at least tend to abuse the Wintels. They like it. WHat? Don't look at me like that...

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    Dont pick it up w/ one hand near the optical drive slot. I have a crack in the lower case above the slot from picking it up w/ 1 hand like that. Although i have a TiBook, and i tend to think they are a bit more fragile than the AiBooks.
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    This message will explode in 7 seconds....... :p
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    I don't pick up PowerBooks. I am a one PowerBook type of gal.
    Besides my PowerBook pickup lines are rusty.

    hey baby is that an optical drive in front or are you just happy to see me?
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    For those with Bluetooth:
    Wanna come back to my place and pair?


    Wanna get into taget disc mode and mount?


    I've been bad, i need my permissions repaired.
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    I think it depends on the size of the PowerBook. I have a 17" PowerBook which almost requires you to pick it up and carry it with both hands.
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    Fortunately, the PowerBook I dropped didn't even break! Everything worked perfectly, it was just a little dented on the side. I had the bottom half replaced for <$100 and it looked brand new again. I told my friend, of course, but he didn't mind. :cool:

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