Picture of Crumpler Backpack request

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Moshiiii, Jul 5, 2006.

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    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with a Crumpler Backpack could take a picture of them wearing it. I'd like to see how they sit on the back. Thanks again.
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    I don't have a pic of it on my back... but can tell you it fits like a dream.

    The backpack (base toucher) is comfortable to wear, and there's happiness in the knowledge that my pbook is very well protected.
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    Oh goodness, thanks to this thread I bought a Crumpler bag (that I may not need) yesterday for around $160 USD. I got a Sinking Barge backpack that has 3 compartments for a laptop, SLR camera + lenses/flash, and a regular section for your other stuff (water bottle, jacket, papers). Sweeeeeeet. Can't wait to travel around with it.
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    You won't regret it Abstract. I have a crumpler messenger bag (mini me) and I love it. It goes with me everywhere. Their products are really comfortable and long-lasting, definitely worth the hard-earned cash

    I am actually thinking of asking for the smaller photographic backpack for my birthday.
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    There's a smaller one than the Sinking Barge? Does it have a general use compartment? I didn't look at the "pure" photography backpacks because I really don't like them. I'd have to take off the backpack before being able to get my gear out, which is a waste of time, a pain in the ass, and oh yes..... a waste of time. The only reason I got this backpack is because once I found out that I don't need to take the Sinking Barge off to reach my camera, a backpack finally made sense.

    If I were to get a pure photography backpack where I'd have to take off my backpack to reach my camera, I would have gotten a Lowepro backpack. Their padding is great, and at least you can attach a tripod to their 3- compartment backpack (ie: similar to the Sinking Barge with laptop, SLR, and general purpose compartment).
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    I have the karachi outpost, which i personally love.

    it looks nothing like a photobag on the outside, but can hold all of my larger SLR gear on the inside ( it fit 2 bodies, 6 lenses, and a 17" powerbook )

    yes you have to take it off your back to open it up. but for me, i enjoy this extra safety measure. especially when i travel.

    i also use a lowepro stealth AWII for light shooting days, it works very well for me. but i did have one instance where it wasnt zipped all the way and it fell open and dropped my camera straight to the pavement....

    i have been contemplating getting one of their messenger type bags for my day to day use, but i've been hearing tales of woe about their longevity ?

    at any rate, i love my backpack, its very comfortable, distributes the weight nicely, and holds everything i would like it to.

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