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Pinging = ?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by ToastCabbit, Jun 21, 2004.

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    Hope this topic goes in this category!

    My question is: what exactly is "pinging" (as in to ping another computer or a website)? I see it referenced a lot, and I know it means to send a signal out to see if it can reach another location, but what does that tell you and what would be the occasion that that would be called for?

    Thanks, all! :)
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    Pinging a website/computer just sends a packet requesting a reply. If you get that reply then you know that website/computer is accessible.

    Pinging is most useful in troubleshooting situations. Like if you don't know if you can reach a computer or not.

    But pinging only tests up to layer 3, to test all seven layers telnet is the best option.

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    Note also that when ping fails, it doesn't necessarily mean that the system you've pinged is not there or is off. Often, system admins disable ping, so those systems will always appear unavailable. It's like getting a phone call and not answering it, sort of.
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    BTW, ping is useful for more than just seeing if you can reach another system. It also tells you how long it takes to get the reply, among other things.
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    Ping times also tell you the speed of your host. Its the time, in milliseconds, that it akes for your packet to be sent, recieved and sent back. The faster the connection the lower your ping time.
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    you can try to ping sites or servers with the network utility in osx

    applications - utilities - network utilities
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    you can also ping sites using Terminal by typing ping and then the IP address or url.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies! I feel more knowledgeable now. :)
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    you could also try trace route that tells you the places the data passed from your computer to the final destination; the number of hops affects the ping
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