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Pink Madonna Special Edition Nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by BurtonCCC, Oct 15, 2005.

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    It makes me want to hurl... and then hurl some more... but has anybody else heard this rumor? It would be just like the U2 Special Edition, except filled with Madonna's catalog and a depiction of her dressed like a whore engraved on the back.

    Okay, I made that last part up, but I'm mad they don't have Special Edition iPods with GOOD artists. I would LOVE to see a Death Cab For Cutie iPod... I would buy it in a second.

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    And of course it would be pink.

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    Because the 'good' artists aren't going to sell out to Apple the way U2 has done already.

    Anyway, U2 and Madonna have GIGANTIC fanbases. Popular bands today don't stand a chance against U2 and Madonna.

    then, with the Beatles and Led Zeppelin (comparable fanbases to U2/Madonna) the control is envested differently. The Beatles don't even own the rights to most of there music (MJ) while LZ is a more evenly distributed band control-wise (Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, JP). Bono is the king of U2 (seriously, who cares about 'the edge'- he's a crappy guitarist in any case) while Madonna is the queen of well, herself...
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    well SJ is a fan of her's and with the new deal to put all her music on itunes and getting rid of the U2 ipod it was only a matter of time....plus it will sell good with young girls...I think its a smart marketing move on apples part....and as far as "good" artists go...it doesn't matter WHOS ipod it is...it dones't say MADONNA or U2 all over it
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    What about like The Rolling Stones or The Eagles or something... they're still touring and people LOVE them... and they make good music...

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    Well I thought the black and red U2 iPod looked cool on the front, but then I turned it over and had a heart attack... it's got so much crap all over it... if I was given a U2 iPod, I would sell it immediately simply because of that fact. iPods have a certain allure to them and when their design gets "busy" on the eyes, they aren't iPods anymore.

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    But if Apple sells it at a price that amortizes the tooling and development costs across you and the fifty other people who would buy one, how many of the fifty of you would pay $5000 per unit for it?
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    And yes, I know they're meant to play music and not look cool... but that's why iPods are so successful... they look AMAZING...

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    1. The new iPods are of artists Steve wants. Steve likes U2, so Apple made a U2 iPod.
    2. A Death Cab for Cutie iPod wouldn't be as big a seller as a Madonna "Material girl" Nano because the fan base is much smaller.
    3. Madonna has had INCREDIBLE staying power. She released her first album in 1982. Death Cab for Cutie has only been around (acc'd to google) since 1997.
    4. Madonna = multiple grammy nominations; Death Cab for Cutie = none (or at least what I can gather from google)

    You could always get some of those iPod printable tattoo things and make one yourself. :p

    (sorry if this post came off as a little b*tchy, but I didn't sleep very well. Bleh.)
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    Hey, the underground/independent record industry is huge... you just don't hear about it because it's independent and they don't advertise...

    And that's irrellevant, there are no $5000 iPods...

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    I'm personally waiting for my Katie ta Achoo edition iPod to come in. :)
  12. iDM
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    Good call lets get a good QUALITY group for once, as opposed to one sell out bland redundant group like U2 or a trashy whiny "different to be different but manages to be the same" artist like Madonna

    P.S. I know U2 does great things for the environment and humanity so nothing against them in that way, i just find their music well TYPICAL
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    Jaffa Cake

    Yep – we've heard about it. No mention of it at the launch of the new iPods, so either a false alarm or something Apple's keeping up its sleeve?
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    Luckily for Madonna, it would not necessitate the need for a different wardrobe.
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    Sorry I'm posting so much, but you can get like iPods and PowerBooks engraved with images... maybe that's an idea... maybe I'll make like 5 of them and see how well they sell on eBay...

    I can see your points about the sheer volume of fans for U2 and Madonna, but it doesn't mean that their fans are any more devoted or deserving...

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    That's my entire point. There are no $5000 iPods because Apple limits the number of editions to include only ones that sell in large numbers. Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of music that doesn't go multi-platinum. But every time you release a special edition of something, you have to sell it in sufficient quantities or create enough of a halo effect to justify its business case. So you don't get a Death Cab iPod, and I'm not going to get one with the Used on it.
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    Okay so we know that Apple won't do like an independent artist... but what about an artist like John Mellencamp or The Eagles or Tom Petty...? Are they worthy?

    Let it be known that I still think that making a Special Edition for an independent artist would be great for Apple. It might help them win over a key (whether you like it or not) demographic. And honestly Death Cab is one of the most successful independent bands EVER. What's that? You haven't heard of them? That's because they've done what not many bands can do and they've STAYED INDEPENDENT.

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    Something just hit me watching that Eminem Ad just now...

    Since Apple is now endorsing EMINEM do you think there's a possibility of an EMINEM ipod? EH? EH?!?!?!?!?


    And the iPod can come w/ a 'hoodie' case. :p
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    EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Save us Steve! Don't do it! People who listen to Eminem are poor white trash with no money anyway, making one would only lead to more iPod thefts across the nation.

    (Sorry for the extreme generalization, but Eminem is NOT talented. You can argue it sounds good, but it is NOT talent.)

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    that wouldn't work too well. It'd never play any rap or country, and would break once a week, just so you have an excuse to go to the genius bar.

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    So basically, what you want is for everyone to have exactly the same taste in music as you do? :(

    Before this thread becomes like one hand clapping, I should mention...it isn't exactly like Apple has completely ignored your beloved Death Cab. They have given away at least one Death Cab song before as a promo...which doubtless raised awareness. Who's saying they haven't heard of them? I think everyone has heard of them...that's a step from buying a Death Cab iPod....

    EDIT: But the Katie edition would come with a free Powerbook 15" at some later time, right? And some tight designer cases? :p
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    Pft, that's what everyone wants!

    Can you imagine a world without country music?
    I'd be flipping out! In Houston all the time, just because we're in Texas, it's COUNTRY MUSIC ALL THE TIME!
    I feel like I'm in a freaking time warp! I'm big city, flashy lights, big glowing Apples, not howdy yeehaw cows and farming! (although I do enjoy the occasional cowboy;))
    Like Pablo Francisco said: all they sing about is pancakes and sausage.

    :D :D

    (OK country music lovers, I'll allow each of you ONE flame-post each. :p)
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    Hmmmm... listen to a song like "In My High School" by Blaine Larsen. There's some amazing country music. And there's amazing hip-hop too.... And there's amazing independent music. But music is about what moves you... not about what people tell you that you should be listening to.

    Meh... I guess its a good thing no one in this thread is in charge of the direction of Apple's music involvement. ;)
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    Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.


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