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Discussion in 'iPod' started by xpipe, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I have mp3s that I want to play once, and then be done with them. No adding to the iTunes folder (OK, I already know how to stop that), no adding to the library. Just play it and be done with it. How can I do this? I can't seem to find whatever option that would be.

    I know that I can go through and manually delete them out of the library, but I've got a bunch of files that I need to listen to once and discard, and this would be kind of a pain. Thanks!
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    If you're on a Mac with Tiger or Leopard, you can Get Info on the file name, key Command + I or Menu: File>Get Info, and there's a preview player towards the bottom of the pop up box.
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    Open with quicktime, or quick look.
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    if you have leopard this would be a great chance to use quicklook
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    Right-Click (Control-Click) on the file, and select "Open with..." and select Quicktime...
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    If you would like to permanently set mp3s to open with quicktime, you can set the application in the Get Info box, be sure to press the Change All ... button after you choose quicktime.
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    Thank you...I didn't think of QuickTime!

    If I did that, would it affect my playing of music in iTunes (i.e., when I select an mp3 from my iTunes library, it would still play in iTunes)?

    Thanks again!
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    Yes, it would still play in itunes. Only when you double-click to open a file would it open with quicktime.
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    I would recommend against that. As soon as you move away from the Finder window, Quicklook hides (and stops playing) or changes to another Finder item.

    I have other things to be doing than staring at my screen for four minutes while listening to an MP3 file...

    Quicklook really needs a "Sticky" button so that you can keep it open when not in the Finder window.
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    This is the only other way I can think of - Like stated above using QuickLook would pause once you selected a different item

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