Please fill in our survey about the Ipod!!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by akirac, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Dear all,
    We are current students of Katz graduate school, University of Pittsburgh and now we're studying the Marketing Management. Ipod is the topic that we choose for our project. We come up with the survey about your opinion regarding the Ipod or MP3 player.

    Then, could you please kindly help us complete the survey from this link
    This survey will not take you more than 5 minutes to complete

    We really appreciate your help.
    Thank you,
    Meghan Benya
    Tadchakrit Charuchaimontri
    Yeuhtzu Liao
    Mario Plaza Ponte
    Krista Ungarean
    Tina Wyland
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    Always willing to help another Uni student.. :)
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    Can you post the raw survey results when they're done? I'd be really interested to see how some of those questions panned out.

    Oh, and when you're writing your report, it's "iPod" not Ipod or iPOD as in your survey. No big deal just thought I'd pass on some old Uni "skillz" because I've been marked down in the past for not using the correct product name in Marketing/Management reports.

    Good survey though, some interesting criteria listed there.
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    last question was a trick. What would you change in thee ipod though?
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    I did my part in the hopes that Stephens-Howling goes off this weekend. He's one of my fantasy backs. ;)
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    that didn't take five minutes.
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    Dingdongdiddlydone it!
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    Thrown in my two-pence worth!
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    if possible post the conclusions when you are done

    by the way it takes less than 2 minutes to complete the survey.
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    Glad to oblidge...
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    Graeme A

    one more to the mix.

    easy survey but results would be a little biased from an apple lovers board such as us.
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    happy to help, there's another for your survey
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    The only bias I can see would be from the last question (from whoever put "nothing" and then comes here later to gripe about what was left out of updates...). Apple lovers are more likely to own an iPod, and would therefore be more capable to answer the questions.
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    Done, though Apple Mac owners are more likely to own multiple iPods
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    I clicked the link, but it says the survey's closed
  16. weg
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    Did it 2 minutes ago, worked fine.
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    Completed to the best of my ability!
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    I swear it said it was closed when I clicked on it before!
    But now it's back up, and I completed it.

    For a moment I thought I was going to click "extremely important" for everything, but then it got to the stuff like radio, wireless, cell, and camera capabilities -- and while they'd be cool, they're really not "important."

    Wasn't sure what to say in the last question either. I'd say for what I have (a nano), it's perfect for it's size/price. Can't see much room for improvement, other than bigger storage capacity at cheaper prices -- but I'm sure that's to come in later versions.
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    Just done it ;)
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    That sure was quicker than any of my school's surveys!
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    I did it:)
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    What would you change about your iPod?

    1. Screen Size
    2. HD size
    3. Make it have Bluetooth, or wireless.
    4. I would also like my Firewire cable back.

    Is this to much to ask? :D
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    i took it!
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    Thanks everyone!!!
    Sorry that I mistyped the word iPod....
    Thanks everyone for your help...u're so nice...I will put the result of the survey to u guys...and thanks for inform me that it might be biased to post the survey here...:) I know most of u are the iPod lover....

    Thanks again.
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    Just finished. Post the results when you've got 'em!

    (For the record the things I said I would improve are screen size, battery life, capacity, and price)

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