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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by hqrry, May 5, 2012.

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    Hey, i really don't have a clue what to do, i want 1.6 Java, so i can host a minecraft server, but as a PPC doesn't have 1.6 i can't, i found out about Soy Latte, and would love for someone to help me, i tried to follow a tutorial, but my computer said i didn't have a .profile. (I'm on 1.5.8)
    I can give teamviewer details, please help!
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    Perhaps you can provide some more information? A link to the tutorial you tried to follow would be nice. If you don't have .profile file, you can make one. Open Terminal en put in the following line.

    nano .profile
    Put your stuff in the .profile file and save with ctrl0 --> indicated in nano at the bottom with ^O WriteOut then ^X to Exit.
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  4. kryten2, May 7, 2012
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    First of all I don't use or have minecraft. Secondly the explanation in the video isn't exactly rocket science now is it? You need this : http://

    Double click the openjdk7-macppc-2009-12-16-b4.tar.bz2 file and rename the folder it creates to openjdk7-macppc. Open the Terminal app. You can find it in the Applications-->Utilities folder and type in the line nano .profile followed by enter. Put in .profile file the line that starts with export :

    # change the line to the right location for you eg where you unpacked the #openjdk7-macppc-2009-12-16-b4.tar.bz2 file
    export PATH=/Users/test/Downloads/openjdk7-macppc/bin:$PATH
    On your desktop make folder with name minecraft_server and put in the folder the minecraft_server.jar file and the start.command file I will provide as attachement. To start the server go to the minecraft_server folder in Finder and double click the start.command file. To test I started it but got bored after a few minutes as I have a Leopard ppc machine with only 512Mb of ram. Good luck.

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    once I've done all of that, clicked start.command, it comes up with a terminal window and says after it attempting to load it: Bad CPU Excutable
  6. kryten2, May 7, 2012
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    Bad CPU Executable means you're using the wrong java for your architecture or trying to run 64bit on 32bit cpu. It's either PPC or Intel. Post a screenshot of the output of echo $PATH in Terminal and a screenshot of About This Mac.

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  7. hqrry, May 8, 2012
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    heres all the photos/screenshots requested.
    (I renamed the folder soylatte, instead of what you said)
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    Don't see any screenshots
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    Sorry i'd got it up and running, i realised my fault, thanks, but now im getting this error? :/ This happens when i click the start.command.

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    Sorry, can't help you with that. Might be Java 7 related. Try Google.

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