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Please walk me through setting up MyWi tethering!

Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by Leia1912, Apr 4, 2010.

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    In the spirit of "Because we can," I want to get my iPad tethered to my iPhone. Could anybody please walk me through this? (I already have MyWi downloaded and ready on the iPhone, FYI.)

    (I do have an iPhone first generation, but MyWi says that won't be a problem, and I am on a local network, Cincinnati Bell.)

    Thanks so much for your input! :apple:
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    Just open up the app on your iPhone and press and turn on wifi tethering. Look at the name of the wifi network below and go to your iPad and go to your wifi settings and connect the wifi network that is listed in the mywi app.
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    Hmmmm, I think I'm doing it right, then; there's something else wonky afoot. The MyWi app gripes that it can't enable the network (and then acts like it is using my normal home WiFi, which is not the point), and then the iPad links to the iPhone but doesn't get any Internet feed. This makes me think either I've got a setting wrong, or there's an issue using EDGE feed to the iPhone, vs. 3G.

    Thanks for your reply!
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    Make sure your iPhone has it's normal wifi turned on even though your using 3G.
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    +1, I was testing it out and I had shut my iPhones wi-fi off, needless to say after about 10 attempts, 5 hard resets and 5 soft resets.. MyWi would never create a hotspot..

    Went back and turned the iPhone Wi-Fi back on and it worked without a hitch...
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    Because you phone is clearly jailbroken (jailbroked, jailbreaked... ??) you can also simply turn on tethering by going to Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering. Turn it on. Now you can bluetooth pair with your iPhone.

    No need to use MyWi unless you want to be a network router.
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    Will the iPad connect as effectively to the
    bluetooth tethering as it would the MyWi?
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    ive never used BT tethering on my mpb, but i think mywi would be fast, especially if using 3g. goodluck
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    Bluetooth is more than speedy enough to keep up with 3G. When the European folks get iPads going, the faster wireless services available there may exceed bluetooth.

    But for those of us stuck on the crappy US infrastructure, we can keep it simple.
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    I have a similar problem. It connects to the network that mywi creates but no Internet connection. Not sure what to do.
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    On your phone go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and verify that Wi-Fi is "ON"
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    I do not think the bluetooth worked between the iPhone and iPad. At least it did not before i jail broke the phone. I actually have not checked since jail breaking so it very well might and if that is the case one could use netshare as a connection if you were licky enough to get your hands on a copy of that..
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    The discussion thread topic is about MyWi, so I made the presumption that the phone side of the discussion was jailbroken (jailbraked, jailbreaked ..:confused:)

    With that safely presumed, tethering with bluetooth is a simple matter of iPhone Settings and adding the phone as an attached bluetooth device. No need for additional software.

    I do not have an iPad, so I would ask an iPad user to validate/try this out. But on my MBP this works great.
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    Doesn't work Penoyer I tried that yesterday
  15. FWW
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    Oh oh oh how i wish i had the desire to jailbreak my phone before getting my iPad. Now i have a 3.1.3 iPhone that i can't break to tether with my iPad :( anyone heard any info in near future 3.1.3 breaks???
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    Redsn0w can break a 3.1.3 iPhone 2G, 3G --- I do not believe it can break 3GS.

    That's too bad about the iPad not bluetooth tethering though...
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    Tried but neither will recognize the other. iPhone is jail broken. Internet tether in settings is on.
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    Sorry... without an iPad myself, I am dry on suggestions. Drop the $9.99 on MyWi I guess is the last resort. I believe this IS working for folks.

    I'll go pick one up tomorrow and see what I can do for you. Now I have a valid excuse to give my wife for spending $500 --- "But honey ! Ipoddin on macrumors is depending on me." HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
  19. FWW
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    Redsn0w will break a 3.1.3 with the most recent base band that has never been broken before? I tried to downgrade to 3.1.2 to use blackra1n but it won't downgrade... I restored to 3.1.3 with no issues and will try redsn0w if that is possible...

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    Just tried and as suspected it dies not pair as previous posters have confirmed. i would think at some point this will get rectified for those who have jail broken phones.

    I have ordered a 3G and will sell my wifi at at point. This dependance on another device for a connection is not something I will tolerate in the long run.
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    Yes, Redsnow WILL jailbreak (jailbrake) a 3G 3.1.3 on the latest baseband. I absolutely know this because I did it just his morning for a friend.

    These instructions work:
  22. FWW
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    kewl.... one other note for you.

    In those instructions at one point the tell you to select “Install Cydia, Unlock and Already pwned” ---- ONLY select "Install Cydia"
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    Let us all know if it indeed works on 3.13
  25. FWW
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    Working perfectly... PM me your email and a link/name to a reasonably priced app you want!

    Thanks for the link. I think a lot of the messages i saw on the web saying 3.1.3 was not possible were people who wanted an unlock as well...

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