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Plugging in PB While asleep or awake?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by 7on, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. 7on
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    Is it better to plug in the peripherals after waking a PB or while it sleeps?
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    i dont honestly think it makes any difference. i have done it in both situations and neither has killed it! i'm sure apple will have made it clever enough to deal with all occurances!

    however, if i do plug in my powermate while it is asleep it will wake it back up again.
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    erm.... what exactly do you mean by peripherals? if i plug in something like a printer or a keyboard into my G5 then it automatically wakes the computer up the instant it notices that something has been plugged in. I haven't tried it on my powerbook but i should imagine the same thing would happen.

    what kind of peripherals specifically are you thinking of?
  4. 7on
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    Well, it's just that I guess. Plugging in while asleep will wake it up, and if I haven't already gotten my stuff outta my bag it would likely have went to sleep again. So plugging in my other peripherals will wake up my PB again. Is this Waking up, going to sleep, waking up ritual good for the computer?

    Also, not always, but occasionally my Power adapter will wake up my PB.
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    Well it will cause the HD to spin up and spin down with each wake/sleep that you do, so you are putting a little extra wear on the drive, but it shouldn't be too much.

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