Polarizing filter for P&S?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by diane143, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Probably a silly question but here goes.......

    I still have a P&S as it fits my lifestyle. I did a clinic yesterday and in critique he felt a few of my shots would have benefited from a polarizing filter (which I used to use in my film SLR days).

    He thought they'd be available for P&S cameras but I can't find anything save for an idea of putting sunglasses in front of the lens. I have a Canon SD950 IS. Maybe he's thinking of the newer SX40/50 etc.

    Thanks so much
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    I have a circular polarizer on my Canon S95.
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    Generally the rule of thumb is to use a circular polarizer for AF cameras. Linear polarizers will work as I have used them. The challenge for you will be be to find a filter that will attach to your lens. Some cameras will not allow a filter to be threaded directly without using an adapter.
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    Wow, thanks! I hadn't turned these up in my searches. Very interesting article. Much more appealing than holding sunglasses over it - which is what MY google search turned up!

    My camera won't take anything threaded and I don't even know what size would work but it's certainly something to look into. Not a bad price either!

    The newer SX40/50 do have polarizing lenses as options so it's likely that's what he thought I was using. I'm sure not many "older" people take clinics with a P&S :rolleyes:

    Photoshopper, which do you use?

    Thanks again!
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    I ordered a 34-46mm step up ring off eBay and plan to use it to mount a 46mm CPL on my point and shoot.

    The smaller end thread can be ground off and attached to the camera either by adhesive or double sided tape.

    (See pictures, I'm yet to grind the thread off and finish the job :p)

    I googled your camera and it appears as though the part of the lens that extends furtherest may be recessed into the body, other part of the lens extension assembly, or both.
    In your case you'll need to find a ring of material to extend out of the camera before the step up ring can be attached.
    You'll need a smaller step up ring that what I've used on your camera.

    Also be mindful of the weight the filter/step up ring/extension shim adds to the extending lens, you don't want to damage the zoom motor with excessive weight. I've seen others perform the operation on my camera, the Sony RX100, but your milage may vary, proceed at your own risk.



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