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poor grammer

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by macaddict123k, Aug 9, 2001.

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    Has any one else notice that the grammer gets so bad it's hard 2 understand? I'm ok with most one letter words etc., but sometimes it gets atrocious. Please try to fix it up just a tad. I use -u,i,etc.- and I have no prob w/ them but please proof-read your posts. I am not trying to be picky
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    In a tragic bit of irony....

    While I agree with your sentiments, the proper spelling of the word is "grammar," not "grammer."

    Sorry...given the topic of the post, it was just too funny for me to let it slide!
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    bad grammer?

    The pot calling the ketle....er....kettle....black....
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    The greatest threat to language (say the linguists) is it's freeform evolution away from it's roots. I'm Canadian born so it's pretty engrained, but i've been in the states too long so i've lost track. Nobody but linguistic Geeks seem to care here. The only thing I really find erksome is the Chatroom lingo.
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    Re: ack

    It's irksome for me because it obscures your real point...if someone is caught up trying to figure out whether your "its" was supposed to be an "it's" or your "you're" was supposed to be a "your," then the point and the power of your message often gets lost.

    Moreover, you just look uneducated, which is bad for your credibility.
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    grammar not carry meaning, meaning carry meaning. ug.(grunt, scratch)
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    ack II

    Until I can use Speech recognition or have a trained monkey do it for me I'll always mis-key somewhere.
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    Re: ack II

    Well, not even counting using "i" for "I," there were six grammatical errors in your post. Can you find all six?

    Anyway, no worries...it's all in fun.
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    Re: Re: ack

    I guess john explained what i meant better than me. Thanks John.
    And also "chatroom lingo" would be a better word to use rather than grammer
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    Re: Re: Re: ack

    And amazingly, after all of the replies, one would think macaddict123k could finally spell the word "grammar!"
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    Damn funny

    This is all so rediculous. If I was concerned beyond getting the point across I'd proof and use a WP with a spell-checker. Then you'd all have to open an Apple Works document to read a post. Jeez. There's also the issue of non-native speakers. An international BBS should un-twist it's knickers about such stuff. If I wanted to irritate the Tech Writers in this crowd I'd switch into Ebonic or worse: write phoenetically.

    Doesn't anyone know how to grunt and scratch pictograms of Bison anymore??? C'mon people, if it gets the Idea across who really cares?? We're here to speculate not articulate. You might want to look up what Winston Churchhill had to say on the subject after being repromanded by a Lady regarding HIS use of Grammar.
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    Mary hand hay lentle lamm hose fleas Woz wide az know add any ware tat Mary went tat lamm Woz sue to go.


    Woz Bless Foxtrot!
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    Re: Damn funny

    You really are missing the point here: to get your "point across," you need to use grammar and spelling that are, for the most part, correct. This is for two reasons:
    (1) sometimes, people legitimately have NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING; and
    (2) making lots of errors distracts the reader.

    If you spell, speak, and write well, chances are that your speculation will receive a little more attention than it would otherwise. At least people wouldn't be scratching their heads, wondering, "What the hell did he just say?"
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    Not so

    If there's a necessity for proper use of language you're eliminating a whole group of folks who either prefer a little creative liscence, don't have the skill, don't care or aren't native speakers. Not to mention- the vernacular (common use of language) is the native thought-form of speech and therefore the more appropriate use here, in an informal setting. If I was drafting Articles of Incorporation or any other formal documentation, I'd try harder.

    By the way: Are you a tech writer? If you are, Are you still employed? Tech writers get the axe ahead of a lot of other folks in a slump like this one and it would explain that compulsive need to correct other people's linguistic expression.

    As to point two: sometimes that sh*t is on purpose foo!!. If I can't decide to bend a few heads now and then we may as well just all go home and jerk off alone.
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    Always amusing when people make excuses for stupidity...

    This is funny! Especially when you call *me* fool and you're the one screwing up! Classic....

    There is no "creative license" at stake here...this is basic stuff that we all (should have) learned in 1st grade. If you don't care, then that's pretty sloppy of you...the only even slightly valid excuse you raised was that some people have ESL training or the like, in which case, the mistakes are understandable. However, even if someone is foreign, I hope that they are not content with that minimal level of knowledge of the language and instead are trying to get better at English.

    As for "the vernacular": actually, vernacular refers entirely to language, not to spelling and not to atrocious grammar. Colloquial speech is fine: if you end a sentence with a preposition, for example, that's not a big deal. Colloquial speech does not extend to plain old sloppy writing (which includes some of the posts here).

    Finally, sorry to burst your bubble, but no, I'm not a tech writer, nor am I unemployed. I'm just too educated for my own good.
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    well aren't we just tha ****.

    Get a life dude.
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    Rectal craniotomy

    Breathing method for man with head in mid abdomen: In through bellybutton, out through *******.

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