POP email by ethernet, web by wifi? Or: proxies with blank password & username?

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    Is this possible?

    We have two networks here in my workplace. There's a wired one which includes pathways to various shared file servers and to a POP email server. I have this plugged into my iMac via ethernet. It serves HTTP only if the target computer is configured to go through a particular proxy. That proxy is password protected, but both the username and password are blank. As a result, the Mac simply ignores me when I tick 'Proxy server requires password' in the System Preferences and silently unticks it for me when I click 'OK'. So, the Mac is unable to browse the web through the wired network.

    We have access to a second network, to which I connect by wifi. It has full web access with no proxy, but no pathways to either the file or email servers.

    My Mac will happily connect to both networks. If I use 'Set Service Order...' in the System Preferences to put the AirPort connection above the Ethernet connection then I can access the web and the company file servers, but I cannot access the email server. If I place the Ethernet above the AirPort then I can access the email and file servers, but not the web. As stated above, the Mac silently refuses to accept that we have a secure proxy with a blank username and password.

    Everything on the rest of the network(s) is completely beyond my control.

    So, is there a way either to (1) tell the Mac to use the AirPort for HTTP and HTTPS, the ethernet for everything else; or (2) persuade it to use an HTTPS connection to an HTTP proxy with a blank username and password?

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