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Portable Powerpack ?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by kaelell, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    just wondering if anyone has had any experience with a Portable Powerpack with the Ipad ? I have seen ones which work with the 3GS and unnofficialy users claiming success with the iPhone 4 but have not been able to find any which I know for certain will work with the Ipad?

    the Veho Pebble 5000mAH is one that I am interested in, but again not sure if it works with the ipad.

    Anyone have any recomedations or personal experience they can add to it?

    Kind regards
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    Newtrent MP1000 is the BEST.

    I have both the MP1000 and the MP880. Both deliver enough juice to not only power the iPad but to recharge completely.

    Incredible products.

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    Yea, my fully charged Lifetron 5,200mah battery charger (I use mostly for my phones) can only increase the iPad charge by around 42%. You'd want to find something with more MAH. I'd also look into the HyperMac products, they have some high mah chargers.
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    Nice find on the NewTrent 1000, I have ordered one for myelf , thankfully they do international shipping.

    Have you tried charging your ipad with the standard apple cable rather then one supllied with the charger? A couple of the chargers I was looking into had a common problem users reported in that standard apple cables did not work.
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    Their service is really top-notch. I received both items with amazing speed.

    I used the included cable, but later on today, when I have the chance, I will check out using the standard Apple cable and will report back.
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    I can also testify about the excellent NewTrent 1000 and am thrilled with the charge it provides. I've been able to recharge both my iPad and my cell phone (HTC Hero) before needing to recharge the NewTrent. I've had it for about two months now and have nothing but praise for it. I've not tried the standard Apple charging cable with it.
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    Any updates? ESP with the Apple charger?

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