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Post your browser setups!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by steelphantom, May 25, 2006.

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    With all these "Post your... setups!" threads going around, I figured I'd start one for browsers! :D Post a screenshot of your browser, and list the name, browser version, and any plugins, extensions, themes, etc. you have installed. Here's mine:


    Browser: Camino
    Version: 1.0.1
    Modifications: CamiTools 4.5 installed
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    Browser: Firefox
    Version: 1.5? not entirely sure.
    Modifications: None atm.

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    Shiira owns everything :D
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    Wow, Just tried Shiira, It loads faster than Camino, Safari and Firefox! Wow!

    Even on my 512mb Mac Mini...

    Its got more features than safari too... :D
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    Here's mine, Shiira, no plug-ins, just updated (1.2.2) and with an atypical Home page to Google (usually a blank page)

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    Looks like we have quite a few Shiira users so far! :) I've tried it out before, but I much prefer the simplicity of Camino.
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    Safari 2.0.3 with Saft 8.3.1 and PithHelmet 2.6.5

    Can be slow at times, but it's nothing a quick relaunch won't remedy...

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    Interesting --- I have tried them all, including Camino. But have stuck with Shiira because I find it stable, quick, and the simplest (ie cleanest) of them all. Personal choice at the end of it all, not so? :)
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    I've tried just about every browser out there: Safari, Firefox, Opera, Shiira, Omniweb, etc. but I keep coming back to Camino each time. I almost want to switch, if only to try something different, but I just can't bear to leave Camino. :D
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    Wow, I never heard of Shiiva...thanks guys
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    Browser: Firefox
    Extensions: Greasemonkey, stealther, Viamatic foxpose, gTranslate, Download status Bar
    Mods:Lightbox(Greasemonkey), Night-time Google(Development Grease Script)

    Type "about:" in the address bar and you will find what version you are running.

    Just a tip from your friendly neighbourhood spiderman:p
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    Shiira ;)

    Neither had I, looks like a great browser I like the Core Image features etc, but I'll use safari for now, Also the icon whats up with that....OS X (Aqua) = Fish :confused:
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    Firefox (for Windows XP)

    Extensions: Greasemonkey, Sage RSS Reader, Tab Preview, Adblock

    Theme: Brushed

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    my setup
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    lol oops... my bad
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    wrc fan

    from the Shiira website:
    As for my browser: I use a G5 optimised nightly build of Camino with the Dark Chimera icon set.

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    I nominate this thread for the waste of space award™, a discussion about browsers and extensions is one thing, but is looking at a screen shot of a piece of software really that exciting and worthy of it's own "post your" thread?
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    Thats the first thing I changed when I downloaded it. Thank GOD for CandyBar ;)
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    Can youi import your Camino bookmark bar into Shiira? If so, I'm switching.
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    oh thanks :p
    then i'm using:
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    Camino 1.0.1


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    Extensions: Forecastfox, VideoDownloader, & del.icio.us

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    Some of you guys have so many bars and addons on screen that you have little real-estate left for viewing websites. I'd hate it like that :p

    Heres mine (On windows for now still, sorry)


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    windows user. psh. FOOL.

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