Post your Car Ipod Setup!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Moshiiii, Sep 21, 2006.

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    I got a new car! I'm going from a 1993 car to a 2005 HUGE difference. I got an AUX port on my dashboard so I can plug my Ipod right in and jam out. I have to place to put the ipod so I just let it rest on my knee. What do you guys go going on? Any Isqueeze?
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    Here's mine, on my 2005 Civic Si. I'm using an iPod2car, which I've had since early '05 - works very well. Although now I put the iPod in the empty space below the CD controls, and have a 5G instead of 4G ;)
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    nice SI from what i can see:D
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    Weirdest. Shifter. Ever.
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    It definitely is strange at first, but I love it now :D
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    My friend wants me to hook her iPod up her car for her. She has a factory cd player, car doesn't have an auxiliary port on the front, no tape deck and she doesn't want to mess with air tunes or a radio based transmitter...any suggestions?
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    You're going to have to find something that hooks up directly to the audio system. I'm not an expert in this, but if she doesn't have a tape deck and doesn't want FM, she better be willing to put out some cash...
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    thats what i kinda figured but wasn't sure because every company seems to have its own ipod to car hook up.

    I bet the car prolly has an auxiliary port somewhere in the stereo. Anyone drive a 2005 Chevy Cobalt by chance who could confirm this
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    from an old thread

    ipod connected from an aux port in an ipod head control unit

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    couldnt be bothered to take another/ better photo. so this will do

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    I use a good ol' tape adapter that came with my father's car discman in the early 90s...
  15. EGT
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    Unfortunately I'm stuck with a fairly useless FM transmitter with my iPod Photo but having just bought one of the new 80 gig 5th gen iPods, I'm thinking about getting the car (Ford Fiesta Zetec, '04) a direct connection to the speakers. I'll have to fiddle about with the dash someday.

    (Haven't a clue about any car electrical systems or sound systems for that matter)
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    How is this being held on? I dig it!
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    That is sweet and repeat the same question as posted above! How does that iPod stay in there?!?! :confused:
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    You've never seen a Citroen 2CV or a Renault R4, then.
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    What year/model car do you have? I'm just got a 2000 A4 with concert 1 sound system in it and I've read you can get the ipod to work in place of the CD changer.

    At the moment I use an FM transmitter.
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    Just noticed the post by Baron58.

    Great info, thanks!!!!!
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    there is a dock connector in there that plugs directly into the head unit.
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    Ok well here is mine. Pioneer 7" Flip up DVD player attached to a 30GB Ipod.

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    KI'll have to take a pic when I get home from work tonight, but I have an '05 Prius w/ a Vias Technologies adapter (AVIC-100i or something). It works great- I have it wired into the glove compartment so you don't see the iPod or wires, and all controls are done through the steering wheel and touchscreen! :)

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