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Post your external storage.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by DR_K13, Mar 28, 2010.

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    WD My Book Studio Edition 2TB RAID 1 for my iMac


    WD My Passport Studio 640 GB for my Macbook Pro


    1TB WD green in a cheap Radioshack enclosure hooked up to my PS3 as my movie library.

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    2x wd mybook for mac 1tb
    my book essential 2tb
    passport studio 500gb
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    miniStack v2.0 - 500GB (iMovie library, virtual machines; seperate partition for cloning my internal boot disk)
    miniStack v2.5 - 500GB (X-Plane data files, not backed up with Time Machine)
    miniStack v2.5 - 1TB (Time Machine; USB only)

    1.2 TB RAID 5 Promise SmartStor NS4300N NAS

    120GB drive connected to my AirPort Extreme that was lying around. I use it to transfer files to/from my guest network.

    My early 2009 mini with SL seems to have problems with more than 2 FireWire drives connected at the same time, so I'm trying out the Time Machine disk as USB only to see if this stabilizes my setup.
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    Seageate 500gb extreme
    Simpletech 320gb
    Mybook studio 1tb
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    This is my 1.5TB Wester Digital that is partitioned for CCC and Time Machine

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    Time Capsule 500 GB; which Apple just replaced a year out of warrantee ... Thank you Apple. A WD connected to an Airport Extreme... for naughty bits...
    a 0.5 and 1.0 LaCie and a 2TB Acomdata which sounds like a !@#%$ F-15 taking off... but on all the time... I have no idea why they think it is silent... I can hear it across the room... but I love it.
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    You know, picture is mandatory... that's why it is called Post your external storage "picture galleries".
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    I've grown tired of plugging in HDs to my Macbook Pro all the time, so i made a fileserver where I hooked up my external HDs. Now I can access it from wireless too and when i'm not home :D
    Speed via 1Gbit ethernet is kinda good for backup too.

    The fact it's in my closet makes my desk a lot cleaner :D

    The machine is a Dell Optiplex SX260 and the HDs are a LaCie NP 500GB and a Seagate FreeAgent 1GB. Too bad the SX260 only can hold ATA 2.5" HD, so i can't really put in much storage there.

    I also have a LaCie D2 on my desk when I need a HD directly connected for video editing and such.

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    Is something like that easy to set up for someone with moderate computer knowledge? Expensive?
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    not really, ideally you'd want a tower unit rather then traditional desktop, at least sata2 disk connectors, and more the better, have it set up to access your network, via wireless or wired ( better ) and leave it running, set up sharing and access and it should work a treat, you can add HDD's as and when you need
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    I have Western Digital My Book Essential (1 TB), which is almost full as you can see by the capacity gauge.
    The other one (my older ext. drive) is WD drive as well but with full aluminum enclosure and has additional e-sata port.
    It's an empty drive (320 GB free) and will start its duty (again) once the My Book drive capacity is full.

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    1 Drobo Elite and 2 FW800 Drobos

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    Well when you do as much video editing as I do, you'd need it too
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    I have one of these
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    I have this one...

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    This bad boy...

    It's not that fast (USB) but it does the job for backups :)

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    Very nice!!
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    It not expensive at all!
    The optiplex is an old P4 i got for free from work and it only has 768 mb ram.
    Other than that you only need a TP cable :D

    To make it a server there are several approaches.
    Easiest way (but also most unreliable) is to run Windows and enable filesharing and connect via samba.
    There is also loads of flavours of linux that does the job better, but requires a lil'bit more effort
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    Another in the DIY NAS/server camp. My 2nd is now stashed neatly away in the top shelf of my home office closet. Just needs an ethernet cable. 5TB and counting (still room for 2 more SATA hard drives.). Running ClearOS (formerly clarkconnect Linux)- and for the record it's much easier than Windows to set up. Distros like ClearOS are pretty point and click and take maybe about 10-15 minutes to install and setup. A complete noob can do it.

    (And sorry, FreeNAS isn't an option for me- compared to Linux it's like moving files in slow motion.)

    I have a whole slew of external hard drives, but in this day and age externals seem overly redundant, so there's not much I use them for other than redundant backup.

    For the few files that I can't access across the network/internet from my servers, or are too big for a 32GB flash drive, I may occasionally use an external to transfer.
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    Is there a program that will sync stuff to your ps3 drive?
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    I used to use Nullriver media link. It worked great streaming from my old imac. But I now use a macbook pro (latest one) and it does not stream well. I cant fast forward or rewind like i could when streaming from my imac. So I stopped using it.
  23. TTD
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    Here's my external storage shelf:


    1.5 TB Western Digital Elements - Design backup and media (for plex) (700GB used)
    1.5 TB Western Digital Elements - Time Machine (300 GB used)
    320 GB Western Digital - Second backup of work and photos (70GB used)

    Backup is really important for me, so I have offsite backups of my work on DVD at my parents, and a copy on each hard drive here + internal (and time machine). Would like to get a backup of all my media though, so will probably buy another when I get more money and would like to make a bootable backup, but think I need a firewire capable HD for that? And maybe a small offsite HD.
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    WD 1 TB MyBook
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    Mine after my TB time capsule died! GRRRR

    Netgear NAS with 4x 1TB HDD's in a RAID 5 array. The nas is normally in a cabinet but i had it out on my desk this week, i had to copy files to it.

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