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Post Your Extreme Setups

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Applespider, Jan 8, 2006.

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    My Powerbook was getting seriously hot while iDVD was doing its thing rendering my iMovie video and I was getting a little worried about it overheating.

    So I figured, where's the coolest place to let it do its thing? Don't worry, I closed the door so that it didn't start to defrost and drip on it! :eek: It felt much cooler when I took it out once it had finished working.

    Anyone else used their Mac under extreme circumstances or in odd places?

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    I do "it" in style.

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    Yep. We were doing a little remodeling last summer, so I moved my rig into the barn in order to get some work done in peace and quiet. It's more comfortable than it looks, Leyland used to make some cozy seats!
  4. dcv
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    Airport cards and microwaves operate on the same frequency, right?

  5. Lau

    It's funny you mention this now, Applespider. Last week, we had a big clearout and a tidy, and it was decided that my computer stuff was becoming a bit of a hassle and a mess, so I'm now banished to the broom cupboard. It's a bit annoying, to be honest, and it's really cramped. Still, I suppose I'll get used to it....

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    I'm not sure if this qualifies as "extreme" or not, but for the past 3 months or so I've been keeping my G4 Cube in a pet carrier. My cats are drawn to the warm air rising through the Cube's vent, and they usually end up touching the touch-sensitive power button and turning it off. This was the best idea I could come up with to keep them away. To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the way my set-up looked at first, but it's really grown on me (I think the chrome bars look great with the glass desk).

    My Setup:

    G4 Cube, 450Mhz, 120GB HD, 1GB RAM
    Petmate Deluxe (PM3405) pet carrier, with steel reinforced bars and handle
    Dell 17" flat-panel display
    iPod 2G 20GB
    Evolution X-Session midi controller
    M-Audio BX8 Studiophile monitor (left not pictured)
    Bruce Lee Kubrick
    Nintendo DS (Silver)
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP (Red)

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    I've taken to playing WoW in the fireplace you see. It protects against, um...Ice Bolts...yeah.

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    What a grate idea!
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    My desk had had some water spilled on it, so I needed to dry off the bottom of my PowerBook:

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    My iBook is still in the closet.:eek:

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    Sometimes I go to use my iBook but I just can't get the darned thing to wake up!

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    mad jew

    I love my desk. :)


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    Extreme Ironing

    Can't be too careful around the extremeironing.com web site.

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    iTrike and iMoto



    my PB likes to ride :D
  15. Guest


    We're out of lube at the mo, sorry. :D :eek:

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    Simply indispensable

    I would never dream of being seen without my PowerMac at those important meetings with business clients.

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    How can anyone use that awful orange mouthwash?
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    How much for a cron job?
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    Here. Help yourself...
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    Thanks, babe. :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    No Quad yet, but that ships next Tuesday....


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    Ooh we use the same Olive Oil - Trader Joes!!

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    Mr. Anderson

    It makes the best popcorn - put popcorn in a large pot (pasta boiling size) covering the bottom of the pot - then cover the corn with the olive oil - let it pop, shaking it up occasionally - poor it in a paper trader joes bag and then sprinkle salt on it and shake up the bag so the salt is evenly distributed and then pour it into a bowl and eat. It tastes like it has butter on it :D

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    Mountain top checking in...
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    That's some wild stuff. Are the pedals original?

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