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Post Your Leopard Desktops!!

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by squeeks, Oct 26, 2007.

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    GO GO GO

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    Just like me, a double wide O.O
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    Here it is, picture is Vancouver BC

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    Is there really a point in this?
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    The sidedock looks cool, but is it better or worse than Tiger's in use?
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    WOOHOO leopards the bomb!

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    Two of my favourite brands, Apple and Jack :D

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    I'll play, why not.

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    boy, am I the only one think 10.5 looks more and more linux-ish?

    the folders, the round edge of menus, the transparent menu bar, .......

    finder is still different tho..
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    I'm not at home so I can't post the picture, but I'm just using that grass picture that Steve showed us at WWDC this year.
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    i'm at work right now... i'll post up mine as soon as i get home today
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    lol, mine isn't very original, but here it is anyway.

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    For some reason my internal drive has got a Time Machine icon, was just like that when I booted up this morning

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    I find this is becoming alarming, don't you... gone beyond obsessed this all has.
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    The desktop does, but once you get into apps, OSX waaaay outshines what you get by default in Ubuntu etc.
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    Heres mine. Same pic as I used pre leopard, I took it at a Butterfly Garden.

    Leopard Rocks, worth every penny.

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    Installing Leopard on the iMac now, here's my MBP setup:

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    i'll play!

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