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Post Your Mac Setup: Past & Present (Part 10)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by wfoster, Sep 7, 2009.

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    The other one is still open?
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    prolly about to be closed
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    Yes, I'm just lost if this was created by a Mod or not...
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    Yes, the other one should be closed soon.
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    Well I might as well start off the bidding.
    I have 4gb of ram, Vertex SSD and Snow Leopard. This thing is seriously quick compared to my old Windows laptop.

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    Response to Post Your Mac Setup

    My setup isn't much and I will have to add a photo when my camera decides to work. My description of my desk includes an iBook G4, chrome tape holder, stapler, and stapler remover. I also have my small chrome lamp that I got at a sale for $1.00 which I consider one of the best deals I have found at a sale. Anyways, my desk is hard to describe otherwise because it was a custom built by my grandfather for my birthday. It also displays my 50 antique wood cigar boxes which is my current thing I collect besides macs ;)
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    How you liking the SSD, how big is it?
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    My setup:

    13'' MBP (see sign. for details), Bose Companion 2, WD My Passport 160gb, Logitech VX Nano, iPod Touch 8gb, USB Key.

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    It's the best computer upgrade I have ever done!!! I only purchased the 60gb version as that is all I need for osx and my other programs. I store all my music etc on an external!
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    I agree, the SSD is the most beneficial upgrade you can do to a notebook these days.
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    Posted this in Part 9 after I realized we are now at Part 10.

    My setup + my girlfriend's dog.

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    Really depends on the SSD you get though. The Intel X25s, the OCZ Vertexes, the SuperTalents and the G-Skill Falcons (which are re-branded Vertexes) are really the only ones that will give you a great speed increase. OCZ Solid and anything made by Patriot, A-Data, etc. are pretty terrible and not worth the price at all.

    I'll soon be putting a 128GB Falcon in my PC. :) It's going to fly! Photoshop will launch in < 2 seconds. :) I wouldn't mind sticking a 30GB Vertex or something in my MacBook Pro either! Wow!
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    Some awesome setups
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    My latest setup ;) Now I've an MX 1100 mouse.

    Click for Flickr
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    here's my recently revamped setup. i'm still tweaking it though (esp. the wires), but i think it's alot better than it was previously.

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    Is that a King Charles spaniel I see? As mine does the EXACT same thing on my desk... LOL
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    Still trying to get some good lighting, oh well. Moving out this weekend, cannot wait.

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    Is that a subwoofer on your desk? If so, why?
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    yes. why not? i'm just tweaking some things right now.
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    Don't worry about it, people got on me when I had my rear surround speakers next to my monitor.
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    I bet that works well for your posture.
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    Do a quick Google search on "subwoofer placement".
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