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Post Your Mac Setup: Past & Present (Part 17)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Goftrey, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Goftrey, Jun 21, 2012
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    New iMac, bought the day after WWDC 2012 (couldn't wait any longer!)

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    If it works, don't fix it!
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    At work.

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    My home setup, RMBP hooked up to a thunderbolt display with a wireless keyboard, usb superdrive and magic trackpad, also see a 3rd gen iPad with dock that mostly gets used to control my Sonos system when it's in the office and of course the best part, my chrome coaster!

    The non apple stuff is a pair of western digital external hd's, one wireless and one usb 3.0 (thank god for that, so much faster!)a Sonos connect hooked up to a logitech Z5500 set of 5.1 speakers, a logitech g13 Gameboard and G9x mouse for when i want to get my Diablo 3 on!!!

    Still not crazy about the external storage solution, would love a thunderbolt NAS with raid 1 and the speakers take too much space and have too many cables, thinking of replacing them with B&W MM-1.

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    remind me what's this app you have on your screen?
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    I'm not the OP but it's fliqlo 1.3.3
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    Seriously, put some ikea lights on this bad bad setup and you'll never want to go away.
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    ive been lurking this thread and past threads for a couple of weeks now and I finally pulled the trigger on buying a new computer desk, went to Ikea today and bought the galant series. just wondering those who already have it what tools do I need to put it together? and any advice to make it come together easier?

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    These are the only threads that keep my attention. I really enjoy looking at all the setups.
  13. dkersten, Jun 23, 2012
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    I just finished building 2 tables/desks, a media center, and a self all from Ikea (unfortunately not the galant). However, the only tools I used were a phillips head and flat head screwdrivers, an included hex wrench, and a hammer, everyday common tools to say the least.

    I'm not sure which units you bought, but under the description of the product on the Ikea site you can download the assembly instructions and it will have which tools you will need
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    I have completely redone everything in my home office so it doesn't look like this anymore. Nonetheless, thought I'd share this pic from a few weeks ago.

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    I've just got to get some LED lighting...That looks great...Does it have an impact on your eyes in use though?
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    X2 ^ I have an "L" shaped glass table and wanna do some LED's like that also
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    That is so beautiful. I'm going to save this photo if you don't mind.
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    Nope. It actually makes it a lot more pleasant to have the lighting in the background. It's not as intense as the picture makes it out to be. Those LED bars came from Ikea, btw.
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    Thanks...I'm going to investigate this further...My desk lends itself perfectly to some LED's..:)

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    Thanks for the heads up!

    I got this btw.
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    finally got it hooked up to dvi. stupid apple mini display port to dvi adapter wasnt working right it was causing pixels problems. bought a kanex mini display port to dvi-d adapter and now no issues.

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    What's that clock?
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    The addition of my Thunderbolt display

    Here's my updated setup. I've recently added the Apple Thunderbolt Display. I had contemplated putting my MacBook Air on a stand to take advantage of the dual displays, but I found the 27" real estate available on the Thunderbolt to be more than sufficient for my needs. Consequently, I have more room on my desk surface for the residual print materials in my life. :)

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