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Post your second monitor

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Bigtree, Oct 25, 2009.

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    I'm interested in getting a third party monitor to set next to my iMac. So what does your set-up look like?
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    Why not just look through the set up threads?
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    hey, i was contemplating the same thing for three weeks now. hope this thread helps us both. :D
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    Agreed. I have been looking at reviews and looked through almost all of the Setup threads but still can't decide. I think it would be nice. Like post a picture with what you think of the monitor. :confused:
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    There is a thread for posting your setup. There is not use opening this thread.
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    Just post some pics!!!!!!:D
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    heres my triple screen iMac setup. 2 19" monitors from my old PC setup. Both connected using DVI, one to the display port on the rear of the iMac, and the other via a USB to DVI X-LINK adapter.


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    How's that USB Dongle treating you... good speed?
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    yeah its not bad. I had a couple of issues with the early beta drivers, but the new drivers available now from DisplayLink appear to work better. For general work, web design and video it works great. You do notice lag when the screen saver is on, it doesn't cope well with 3D, but for everything else it works great.

    When I upgraded to snow leopard, I had to reinstall the new DisplayLink beta driver, but now it works fine.

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