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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by supercooled, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Ok, I don't think there has been one of these yet and if there has, we're probably long over due for a new one. I have a very simple arrangement so far which consists of a 2TB WD MyBook and another 1.5TB CalDigit FireWireVR unit plus what ever mixed and matched drives in the Mac Pro.

    I'll post a better picture later tonight after work but I'd love to see what you guys have in your little sanctuaries.

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    Mine is just like yours it looks like. 23" ACD and a 8 core Mac Pro 2.8. I have 4 1TB drives in it and it is basically just my entertainment center. It's sitting right on top of my coffee table in the living room. I have a Apple wireless keyboard for the times I want to control what I'm watching while laying down on the couch. Excuse all the junk sitting on top of the Mac Pro. I haven't ever upgraded the ram so it's still using it's original 2GB. No need to upgrade it for watching TV shows and movies, listening to music and syncing iPods/iPhones and surfing the net.

    Oh and sorry about the crappy photo, it's taken on my iPhone. I don't use a real camera although I own one.

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    You have an 8 core whore to watch TV and Film on?! ...Wow
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    Yes! The massive storage ability was my main reason on purchasing it. I almost settled on an HP 4 core but I didn't feel good about it.
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    im waitn to see some servers?
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    I have a Dell SC440 with the following config so far:

    -2.16GHz Dual Core Xeon
    -3GB ECC RAM
    -512MB Nvidia 8500GT Graphics Card
    -Griffin iMic
    -Linksys Wireless N PCIe card (which instantly is recognized as an Airport card)
    -250GB 7200rpm System Disk
    -2x500GB Samsung 7200rpm SATA drives running in Software RAID0 (Risky I know)
    -500GB Iomega USB2 external drive with weekly cron to backup my iTunes folder
    -320GB WD MyBook with Time Machine to backup my /Users folder.
    -Leopard 10.5.4
    -Apple Labelled chassis ;)

    It runs nicely, I tried it with ubuntu first, but DAAP (iTunes sharing), uPnP (for xbox and ps3) wouldnt work, so it defeated the purpose of it.

    The only thing that doesnt work is CI/QE but I think that is because the graphics card I installed isn't working properly, it was old.

    It serves my MacBook, my Mac Mini G4 (which is at my sister's), my xbox360, Airport Express and my sister's PS3.

    It does this pretty nicely, but I'd like to get 1TB disks now they are going down in price, replace the DVD drive with a 2x5.25 to 3x3.5 inch bay and then get some more RAM and a new graphics card, then it'll be more a workstation/server.

    All in all it cost about £500 including Leopard.
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    I will soon have a 2TB raid setup attached to the network for all my media shared throughout the house and other important files (Time Machine is separate) and have that with RAID 1. Not a server but that's about all I have.
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    I have a Gateway GT5622 running as a Web Server using WAMPServer
    and it has Windows Vista on it.
    I tried Ubuntu but I can't connect to the net because I am currently using a Wireless USB for Internet. And Ubuntu isn't very compatible with USB Wireless. :(


    Pentium Dual Core @ 1.8ghz?
    3GB RAM
    320GB HDD

    And some other non-important stuff...

    I have a 19 inch HD Gateway Monitor and Logitech Z-2300 for Music!
    They are great! All except the Monitor was paid by me! :D

    I know it's main purpose is a server, but I use it for everyday stuff!
    I don't get many hits to my site so I think I am ok. :rolleyes:

    Sorry for Crappy Pics!
    Stupid Vu!

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    I recently converted my server from Ubuntu (software RAID) to Windows Home Server. It's housed in an old case I had laying around, which needs to be replaced soon as it's ugly, small, and has bad cooling. It runs headless under the desk.

    Current specs:

    AMD 1.9ghz 45w Sempron
    4 x 1 TB Samsung
    1 x 500 GB Samsung
    1 x 200 GB Maxtor
    Gigabit wired connection to router

    WHS is running uTorrent, SANZBD, Firefly Media Server, and serves as a print server, in addition to it's storage duties.

    Case, with newly added 3-in-3 convertor:


    I popped the side open so you can see the internals. The cable mess is pretty bad. ;)


    WHS Console:

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    Jetway board with 1.5ghz Via, dual gig nics
    1gb ram (not recognizing all of it)
    1gb usb drive for boot... need to get a bigger one and figure out an internal solution
    1tb WD Green for storage

    Ubuntu Server 8.04
    netatalk for AFP
    samba for SMB

    I've seen a max of 40MB/s between my MBP using a 5 port Netgear switch. Usually around 35 on large transfers. I need to work on finding the bottleneck and get that up. The cat 5 cable I'm using on my MBP is probably part of the problem.:p

    I need to find a good solution for downloading my shows automatically (mostly Revision 3 stuff). Torrent episode downloader doesn't have scheduling as far as I know, and I haven't found a torrent client with scheduling that can be run without GUI but also with a good web/remote management.

    As soon as I can find some aluminum I want to make a custom case for it.
    Eventually it's supposed to be raid 5.
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    Here is my setup

    Lian Li Black Tower Has
    1. 2x 500GB HDDS
    2. 1x 250 GB
    3. 1x 160
    4. 2x 80 GB in Raid 0

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.6 GHZ, 2GB Ram, Running Windows Xp Pro. THis rig is used for gaming too. Will have FreeBSD put on it in the near future. External Caddy you see is hooked up to my MBP for imovie. I am copying 96GB of imove stuff to the server.

    I have a 1GB time capsule on top of the tower which is also used for storage and to back up my MBP, MB and Powerbook.

    Lian Li Silver Tower has
    1. 2 x 36 GB 10000 RPM SCSI in Raid 1 array Using GMIRROR
    2. 1 x 36 GB for SQUID Cache and Server config Backups

    Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHZ, 1 GB of RAM Running FreeBSD 7. Does Firewall, Samba, Postfix, Mail, Spam / Virus Filtering, Fetchmail, Web Server

    And of course the Gate Keeper Alice the dog, who keeps a watchful eye over the servers, well until there is food around :) Currently it's her Rest period

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    I have a Drobo with 3 500 gig drives in there, soon to be 4 once I get my RMA'd drive back from Seagate.

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    How can I put two different Servers on one network and they both work with different websites?
    They would be Web Servers.
    Right now my Router gives my house only one IP.
    So all the computers have the same IP.
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    All your computers do not have the same IP, they are probably given an IP by your router through DHCP. However, it is most likely you only receive one IP from your ISP. I haven't done this myself but is it not possible to route the requests to i.e. for website1 and for website2?
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    Having them on different ports should work (80, 81) but you will have to do some funky stuff with your dns so people don't have to put in the port number at the end of the address.

    It would probably be easier to put both websites on the same box. Apache has the ability built in. If your on a home cable/dsl connection that will be much more of a bottleneck than the server itself anyway.
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    I use apache to do virtual hosting, works nicely!
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    I have looked at that, but how do you do it?
    I looked in my httpd.conf file and I never saw any:

    Do I have to add it into there myself?

    Also, I think I really wanted 1 server for Backup for the house,
    then the other as my web server. I wouldn't need to worry about the Router thing anymore. I wasn't really sure about what I was wanting before.
    I can go with 1 web server but then a Backup server somewhere else.
    Hmm.... :confused:
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    No you have to add it your self, this took me hours to get this working So save you time i will show you mine i run phpMyAdmin at home i put this into httpd.conf

    so you basically type then it loads the desired virtual host
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    WAMP Server

    I have WAMP server and they have an option that says add alias, it does the same thing as what you said! I have phpMyadmin on there too!
    And it can go to anything on my computer so if I wanted to add a folder from My Documents then it would be online. Very Cool! But I don't have that on there. I think I am going to add some too the Alias thingy.
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    Yeah phpmyadmin is great sure beats managing mysql databases via the command line let me tell you !

    if you need help doing this stuff, i am happy to assist i find it interesting.
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    Currently I have;

    A custom LianLi cased Tower (main FS):
    2.66 QUAD core
    4GB Ram
    ATi3400 silent VidCard
    250GB SATA Barracuda OS/Boot
    5 x 1.5TB SATA Seagates in RAID-Z
    NFS and Samba services
    (running under OpenSolaris)

    A TimeCapsule 250GB for laptop backups

    A LaCie 500GB FW800 for main Backups

    4 x 147GB 15k rpm SAS disks in the Mac Pro (RAID5 on the HW Card) for capture of HD video and edits (as well as Bootcamp on the 5th disk 320GB for Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto)....

    I also have a Dual Athlon 2.2GHz, 1GB, 2x300GB Debian webserver hosted in Europe for my websites, mailserver and game servers (also I rsync my backups to it once a month)

    As I am away Ill post some pics in a month or so (planning a resurection already for this thread)
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    costabunny and diotav, wow. That's a lotta pepperoni. :rolleyes:
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    Hate to go off topic here but, where did you get the icon for the iamaKey? The stock one isn't that nice. Thanks!

    EDIT: Never mind a little search found it :)
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    Not much to see; mine are exactly where servers should be- out of sight out of mind, and headless.

    In an AV closet got a media server running an old X2 3800+ (socket 939) 2GB RAM, with two 750GB hard drives, a 500GB drive, and one 300GB drive:


    In my home office closet I have an X2 5600+ (socket AM2) NAS/file/printserver with 2GB RAM, three 1.5TB drives, and 1 640GB OS drive (running clarkconnect Linux):


    Both machines are serving up a ton of ripped movies, all our recorded TV, libraries of music, tons of photos and files. All machines in the household have their own crucial backups directory on the NAS.

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