PostScript fonts on an intel mac?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by kotbehemot, Sep 27, 2006.

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    I am a happy user of a MacBook - i bought it 2 days ago - and I decided to take all my new fonts from the old computer to the FontBook:) And I have a big problem:( My favourite font (TheSans) is an old PostScript font (the one which is made of to files) and I am not able to install it in fontbook:(
    How do I install it? Can I still use this font on an intel mac?

    Thanks in advice
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    does anyone know the answer?
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    Well... FontBook sucks like a Hoover... have you tried FontExplorer X? It's free, and vastly better than FontBook.
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    If you open the suitcase file, Font Book should open it and take care of the outline file too.

    Seconded, it does a very nice job.
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    Whoah! This programme is really great! Thank You:)
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    I agree

    Font Explorer is the greatest font utility for the Mac, no contest. I can't believe it's free.

    Goodbye Suitcase!
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    No worries, I'm surprised someone didn't post it earlier for you.

    I still use Suitcase... ;)
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    Now, when I played a bit with this amazing soft, I found out, that it doesn't want to import my favourite font:(

    "No fonts with the specified format(s) were found in the selected files or folders." - either if I choose the PFM or PFB file:(
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    PFM & PFB are Windows PostScript file extensions.
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    and is there any way to make mac fonts out of them? I thought mac can manage all the font formats:|
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    "PFM & PFB are Windows PostScript file extensions."

    And Windows PostScript fonts are about the only font format that OS X will not accept. You can do Windows TrueType, Mac PostScript, Mac TrueType and all flavors of OpenType (though some apps can't access the special characters).

    I'd look around online, you might be able to find that font for cheap or find a comparable font. is a good place to get free fonts.
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    FontForge (free X11 app) or TransType (a real Mac app, but way too expensive to save a single $60 font) can convert those files to the OpenType format that OS X will understand.
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    TheSans is a pretty big, commercial font family. If you only own a few weights or styles, it's not too bad to buy new licenses, but the whole family gets expensive quick:

    Perhaps FontShop will let you crossgrade from Win T1 to Mac T1 or OTF. Check their site and see what their policy is.

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