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Power Mac G5 with new hardware...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jessica Lares, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Jessica Lares

    I'm being given a Power Mac G5 with a cinema display (2003 model), and I'm wondering what of the new keyboards, mice, trackpads will work with it?

    It was used for Photoshop and Final Cut Studio (the pro version or whatever they call it), so it might have been maxed out or has at least 2GB of RAM. I don't know if it has the Airport card/Bluetooth being that these were connected via the wall...

    But, let's say that I want the recent keyboard and a wired mighty mouse, would it work?
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    Yeah mate, keyboard and mighty mouse work great! Now the new magic mouse.... I am not sure about that!
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    Jessica Lares

    I hate the Magic Mouse. It just doesn't seem like something I'd get along with. I have a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse though. If I add the Airport + Bluetooth card, I'm wondering if that'll be all to get it working?
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    Every USB (or bluetooth, your PowerMac has it or you equip your Mac with one of those $5 USB-Bluetooth dongles) connected mouse or keyboard on the planet works.

    My aluminum keyboard and Magic Mouse work - as expected - just like it should on my PowerMac G4.
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    Yeah like G said, USB Bluetooth dongle fer 5 bucks work a treat!:D
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    Jessica Lares

    WHOO, awesome! Anywway I could do that with a G3 too?
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    Jessica Lares


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