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power pc G5 Web and File server. Is it possible ?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by codman1004, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I have a Mac G5 tower, i would like to create my own in network website and I would also like to create a file server for my family. I'm 14. I would like to use ubuntu server, but I can't find a power pc emulater. Is there a way to do this or is there like a download able webserver or something. I would like to have lamp funtionality. I have the powerpc mac and a ibook g4. I have a dell optiplex. Is this reasonable or is it insane to even think about on powerpc. Is there a way to just boot ubuntu on it without having to worry about the mac hardware or is it just to complecated.
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    Why? You can do this from within OS X with no additional software using the 'Sharing' options in System Preferences.

    Also, since PMG5 is PPC, I don't know what you're after an emulator for. I think you're getting confused by the fact that most linux distributions are intended for x86 *rather* than PPC. You can install Ubuntu on a PMG5 straight up, though getting all the hardware working might be a problem, but as I said this is not necessary for your intended use.
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    Your right but what about the in network web site thing.?
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    It's all built into OS X. Absolutely no reason to need to install Linux.

    A web server doesn't care if it's sharing to the internet or the local network. It just shares.

    LAMP runs on Mac too. Just download MAMP if you really need the extra stuff.
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    I new at this but how do I set it up and where do i find the'control panel' for the lamp set up.
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    Install mac ports and then whatever u want. I've done DHCP server. Samba Server and Apache. All running under the hood. Its no difference to FreeBSD Server system. :)

    Go there
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    Nice to see someone my age on here :) All you have to do is enable web in system preferences, and plonk your website in: /Library/WebServer/Documents
    (you can delete all the files there) (and you will need to forward port 80 if you want to access it from the internet)as for file sharing you can do it from system preferences, or you can use this on 10.4 :http://www.hornware.com/sharepoints/ (just makes it more configurable), or this sot of thing in 10.5 : http://www.computerworld.com.au/art...le_sharing_leopard_what_new/?pp=1&fp=2&fpid=2, personally i have a 2.5ghz hackintosh running 10.6 server, but a g5 would be more than good enough, i know of some very big servers running on g5's, it's really not worth using linux, it is much easier in osx.

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