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Power Support-Where to get installed?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mrdave543, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Bought the anti-glare shield from power support on saturday, supposed to arrive today. This is my first ipad and I would rather pay someone to install it,but I am not close to any of the "stores" listed on their website....any idea of places that will install them if you dont buy it directly from them?

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    I bought my PS A/G for my iPhone4 at the Apple store and an employee installed it for me. Don't know if they will install it for you since you bought the protector outside the Apple store.
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    How did you get it? The website says it is still on preorder?
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    I ordered mine a couple of days ago and it also said pre-ordered but they had it in stock anyways and got it a day later
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    I saw people posted that they were shipping starting on april 7th, so I ordered on Saturday, (even though it still shows pre-order) and according to USPS its delivered today
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    Their website is not updated in a timely manner.....
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    I paid $5.00 to have mine installed at the PS store in Burbank, calif. Perhaps the same could be done at the Geek Squad desk at your local Best Buy.
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    Which one do you guys get? The Anti-glare or the crystal film? I can't remember the one I purchased for my first iPhone about a month ago. That is even if there were such a difference offered for the iPhone.
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    The Anti-glare - had it on my first iPad, and loved it.
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    Power Support may not update their website in a timely manner, but their customer service is great. I had a problem with the timeliness of UPS's delivery and they fixed it right away.

    I had a PS antiglare on my first iPad and that was the first thing I ordered for the iPad2. It's the best screen protector on the market, IMHO, and the easiest to install.
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    The PS AG is not hard to install yourself. Just be patient, do it alone (without any kids bothering you), have plenty of scotch tape handy. Bubbles can be pushed out. Any dust particles can be removed with tape. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing the installation process.

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