power up mac on apple keyboard?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jaser, Jul 24, 2003.

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    i remember reading somewhere of a hack or a way to configure the apple keyboard to start up the mac. i was used to powering up my powermac w/ the old keyboard that came w/ my G4 400mhz but just sold it and purchased a new 1ghz. can anyone confirm if theres a way to power up my powermac w/ this white apple keyboard?

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    i really dont think so, but i do know they sell little power usb buttons that can clip on the side.

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    Macally I still think makes keyboards that have power buttons.
    Whether they work with the current Mac models, I don't know.
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    they still do, i have an old blueberry keyboard (actually i have many of every color) but i plug it in and it still works, its very convienent. but its actualyl never been a problem for me because i have a powermac and a powerbook, which the power buttons are easily accessed. now if i had a imac or emac then i would want it more.

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    Just curious, but why do you have "many of every color"? Do you work somewhere where they replaced all the keyboards..? Or do you have a bunch of old iMacs in your house..?
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    ijon's parents own an apple re-seller i'm assuming he means that they have some around that weren't sold or that he purchased them all and changes the one he uses accoprding to his mood :)
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    we just gathered them over the years, they came and went, then they stopped making them. service uses them but it is cool having all the colors. i also have about 10 empty imac shells of all the colors, i want to take one and make it into an aquariam. i also have a cube casing that i plan on making a kleenex box out of. right now we are currently working on making a table out of a bunch of old logic boards.

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    Oh, so you probably have lots of interesting stuff around...
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    you could say that.

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    The reason they don't have power buttons anymore is because it caused a constant drain on the USB port. Even when the computer was off. This can lead to burning out the USB port earlier than normal. Also keyboards that do this are not in the USB 1.1 specification, which is why Apple stopped doing it. I'd just reach over and press the power button.
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    thanks for the info cold and others...i just went to compusa today and plugged in a couple different keyboards w/ power buttons. pressed the power button but the powermac and emacs wouldn't start up. just tried my old apple keyboard from my G4 400mhz and still no power. guess i'll just have to get used to the tower button...

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