PowerBook 165 won't boot - help?!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by newappleboy, Dec 28, 2007.

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    I'm trying to help a friend get into her old PowerBook 165 but we can't get it to boot up. Whenever it turns on we get the BONG startup sound and then it just flashes a floppy drive with a question mark. We can't get it to go any further and we're at a loss for how to get the files off of it now. Help? Someone...please. lol
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    You need a boot disk. The flashing ? means there is no System Folder found. Are there files on there you are trying to get off? Or just trying to see what is on there?

    You'll need a bootable 3.5" floppy. Which I will admit, might be kinda hard to come by. It runs System 7 originally. You have any System Disks?
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    Unfortunately no, but is there somewhere I can go to download them? Or does someone on here have them that they can upload the necessary files somewhere and I can make my own disks? It did this once before, but after being left alone for a couple months it corrected itself somehow. We know what's on the computer, but there are specific files we're trying to get to as well. Thanks for the quick reply!

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