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Powerbook backlit keyboard

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iPIT, Jul 10, 2004.

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    I've seen an answer to this question in the past but for all of my (and Googles) efforts, i can't locate it again.

    I have a 17" PB and want to have the backlit keyboardon all the time and at the brightest setting. Basically I want to bypass the ambient light sensor or fool it?


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    even when its light???
  3. jsw
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    I'd assume that you just paint over the sensor.

    But why on Earth would you want to do so? Half the "cool" factor is due to the autosensing.
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    the auto sensing feature doesn't work half the time for me. I like the screen nice and bright and it's almost like there's enough glare from the screen to turn the back lighting off on the KB. I'm forever turning it back up.
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    Since the sensor is located under the speakers, you should just cover it with something that prevents light from getting through. This would alter the sound characteristics however. But it would keep keyboard illumination up. Be aware that it also affects the display brightness, unless you go into system preferences>display and uncheck the box for adjusting brightness automatically as ambient light changes.

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