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PowerBook fan constantly on

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by lamina, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Is it normal for my PowerBook fan to be constantly on?

    I woke it from its slumber this morning and the fan automatically turned on, even though it was cold to the touch.
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    Mine doesn't. I would run the AHT that is included on the factory CD/DVD's and be sure there isn't a problem.

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    Les Kern

    This may not be related... The only time I ever had a run-away fan is when I tried to install the variant of OSX on a tower that didn't come with it, but rather, was for another model that I was moving to use as a server. I never really dug into why this was so... I'm asuming it was because the drivers needed to work with the sensors to keep the unit cool were not present in the "old" software. Maybe a new install of the original, then an upgrade to Tiger using the drop in DVD? Long shot, but that's all I got! Good luck.
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    I ran the AHT, the short one, and there were no problems reported.

    If you know off hand, what temperature does your PowerBook's fans usually turn on? Mine is on right now and iStat reports the temperatures as follows:

    Track pad: 35
    CPU Bottom/Interpid: 44
    CPU Top: 46
    Power Supply: 44
    ALS MLB: 0
    ALS Sutro: 0
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    I usually hear my fan turn on around 61 - 62 degrees C.. Now there maybe additional fans that run all the time, but I don't hear them. I only hear the one that turns on at the above temps.

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    You can only hear the one I'm talking about if you hold your ear to the underbody of my computer. Am I just being weird?
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    There's always air moving out of the computer. It kind of sounds like a really quiet sink being run a few rooms down or something - but it's silent unless you put your ear to your computer.

    Don't worry about it. When the real fan comes on, you can hear it over T.V. or music.
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    In the back of your Powerbook, where the hinge is, there is a vent. Put your hand back there. Do you feel warm air blasting out? If not, you are ok. Although it is normal for warm air to be pumped out through the back during heavy use to have this happen at all times would be a sign of trouble. From what I'm gathering you're just hearing the normal operation of the computer.
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    When I had my PowerBook (it was a 15" Aluminum 1.0 GHz), the only time the fan would come on is when I would have Folding @ Home running (the fan would kick on after about 30 minutes) and it would turn off every 10-15 minutes.

    I don't really think hearing a fan run constantly is normal. Not on portables, anyway. The firmware the regulates the fans are designed to kick the fans on only when needed, in order to save battery power.
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    When you put in a DVD or CD, and you get that loud noise from the powerbook..is that the fan or just the dvdrw drive making noise? cause when i have a cd in my powerbook.. it gets 10x louder than when not..and maybe u are confusing those two? :confused: :confused:
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    That is the optical drive you are hearing. They are a historically louder component in Macs.
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    this is going to sound stupid but w.e.. lol, is there a way i can turn on the fan? Like what programs so i can heat up the powerbook for 10 minz or w.e.. id really like to hear the noise the fan makes! lol :eek:
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