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Powerbook G4 OSX Install Problem...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Lesser Evets, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Lesser Evets

    I have a strange problem with my Al 15" 1.5 gHz Powerbook G4 that is baffling me.
    Here's a run down of what happened...

    The drive crashed a few days ago.
    I ordered a new 160GB drive from iFixit.
    Drive arrived, I installed it today.

    I put in the OSX 10.5 DVD and did a system profiler: everything was OK!
    I used disk utility and erased the disk, formatting it with MacOS Extended (Journaled)...

    And then it happened--OSX won't install!
    It gets anywhere between 60% and 100% done installing and gives an error reporting "MEDIA CORRUPTED INSTALLATION FAILED" It checks the DVD before installation and never has a problem.
    I tried older OS's but the laptop will freeze or ignore those DVDs/CDs.

    OSX Leopard's DVD still works and reports the system/laptop/new drive are all wonderful....

    Is this just a problem with the OSX disk??
    Did something awful possibly happen during the drive installation?

    Any help? Anyone experience this before?

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