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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by skinniezinho, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Hi,I am in the process of selling my ibook to get a Powerbook g4 1.5GHz..
    Altough I have a doubt,in general how much does a battery hold on for a powerbook?I have seen lots of bad comments in apple store about powerbooks batteries..:S
    And it's bad because my little ibook hold about 4hours..and the battery is not new..
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    I get 4:45 out of my new battery running the brightness on 50% on wifi with word and mail running. :)
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    It depends on the life/cycles left in the battery, but I used to get 3+ hours or so on flights with my 12" PB, low CPU, screen > 50%.
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    Where did you get your battery? The battery in my 17" Powerbook is getting pretty weak, and I'm looking for a good replacement.
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    Apple battery exchange/recall :cool:
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    Darn, of course the 17" wasn't covered on that recall. No free battery for me. Of course, given the problems those batteries had, this is probably a good thing. I have been looking at the replacements from Mac Sales, but I still haven't decided.
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    Lucky you, my 12" PB's battery that was new after the recall only lasts 20 minutes at max now (it's more like 10 though). Of course I'm at 349 cycles too.
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    I have some more questions...
    Is the powerbook noisy?
    Is it hot?

    Sorry for this questions,but I am thinking of selling my beloved Ibook (wich is in very good state,and maybe I won't find another like this one) to buy a powerbook g4 12' (>1GHz..maybe 1.33/1.5).
    But I am somehow picky with hot/noise of laptops...proof is that I did everything possible to shut up my HP DV9575ep wich initially was noisy and hot (new thermal paste and undervolting)..
    My ibook is only warm and it never turns the fan on wich is cool..
    How are the powerbooks in this matters?
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    Load it full of RAM and get something to keep it off fabric and your legs it will be just fine. My fans ran at 7krpm when installing the OS, but haven't been bad since. The fans are definitely audible but not when just working in word or internet/mail. When I run CS2 they are usually at 4krpm and audible.
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    Humm,and there is no way to control those fans right?or some undervolt...
    For the ram,I'll try to buy one with full ram,but if not,I'll buy it..
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    The fans turn on for a reason... to get the heat out and avoid damaging the components. I promise they don't just run to make noise ;)

    If that is your primary concern I would encourage you to get one of the new Macbooks or MBP as they are extremely quiet.
    Otherwise you will just have to learn to live with fan noise and keep it as cool as possible.
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    If I had the money for a macbook or mbp I wouldn't buy a powerbook :p lol
    Just for comparison,in the other day in the library I sit in front of a white macbook and the thing made " a lot of noise" compared to my ibook :S
    I am somehow confused about if I should sell my ibook and get a powerbook or just stay with the ibook...
    Pros of the ibook:
    *I know what I have...
    *battery is somehow good,it lasts from 2 to 4hours,although it turns off @30%
    *pure silence


    *Somehow limited..I think tiger is a little slow (although tweaked),and the "solution" I see for that was putting panther+ debian (because from times to times I need some java programs that don't run in panther) wich cause me wasting time,and dual booting..bla bla bla like in a "normal pc"

    Pros of the Powerbook:

    Aluminium made
    Extra power more than good for what I want (normal use...but for example the ibook in streaming videos is sloooooowwwwwwwww)
    the last of the greatest powerbooks :cool:


    *I heard that powerbooks batteries are a shame :S and anything less than 2hours would be pretty bad,because I am used to the ibook...

    *The heat/noise that I talked...(maybe it won't be alarming)

    *The 100/150eur I have to give more...(I already thought that if I do not buy a powerbook I'd buy a new battery for the ibook..)

    Opinions needed :=)

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