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powerbook logic board question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by puckhead193, Jun 8, 2007.

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    I'm having my pb repaired from my casing warping. I brought it and the and they agreed to fix it. He ordered the parts and said when they arrive they would call me to bring it in. I guess they could do it at the store :)confused: )i'm surprized it wasn't sent out. ne woot on the order sheet it says "Board, Logic, 1.5 GHz 64MB VAM". Now my question is I did a BTO and upgraded the VRAM to 128. Did he order the wrong part? Will it still work?
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    There are two different logic boards, but they will both work in your machine. Why aren't you asking your service person about this? :confused:
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    ....cause i just notice. Its been over a week, and i wanted to see if by giving the repair number i would give me any info on apple's site :rolleyes: :eek:
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    I'd call them ASAP. You don't want to actually downgrade, do you? ;)
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    so i called up, and they did order the wrong part. They are waiting to order a new one. They are going to run diagnostics too see if my logic board is over-heating. What diagnostics? Anything i can run myself?

    They are waiting for the top case to come in. Its been a week and a half. Is their a grace period for this? How long is too long before i start to complain. i'm doing this now because applecare is up in Aug. I want to re-install tiger to clean out some crap and get rid of all my music and install FC but i'm waiting cause i don't want to do all that work and they wipe my HDD
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    anyone :eek:
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    no one has any idea of a reasonable wait before i start to complain, its been too weeks as of today, they told me a week at most.

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