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Powerbook Logic Board Question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by circusbass, Jan 29, 2008.

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    I recently took my 15in 1.5ghz powerbook to an AASP and was told that my logic board needed to be repleaced. He quoted me $369 and told me the turn around was going to be 4-5 days. I asked him just to be sure: This would include a logic board replacement and would only cost $369? He confirmed that it shouldn't cost more than that. Being the creature of habit I am I decided to take it to a Genius Bar for a 2nd opinion. My appt is tomorrow and I decided to research it further before I went. I have read other reports claiming that Apple charges upward of 500-800 to replace the logic board. Does anyone know if the replacement for the logic board is supposed to cost that much? I don't expect someone to know exactly but I was wondering if anyone has any reports or experience with this.

    Thank you.
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    apple charges you for the price of the part and also the labor-- going to be lots more than what you were quoted by AASP
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    Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it. Does apple tell you this before you send it out?
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    yes-- they have to get approval from you to fix it, so they will tell you the cost beforehand
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    So I went to the Apple Store today and got it looked at. They told me that the price to replace the logic board would be $330 with a 90-day warranty on it. That is, if there is no tampering damage or water damage. The guy said he thinks the $330 should cover it. The worse case scenario is that it costs a lot more and I refuse service. Then I only have to pay $100 for them to have looked at it. I guess I will find out within 5-7 days. If it all works out then I'd definately be giddy. Especially when I see the other prices people have paid for their logic board replacements.
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    why do you have to pay $100 for them to look a it?
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    The prices you are quoted are decent.

    All repair places charges a fee for diagnostics.

    They need to spend time taking it apart, diagnose problem, putting it together.
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    got ya-- knew there was no charge for going to the bar at the apple store-- i misunderstood that they were keeping to take apart and such-- thank you for clarifying;)
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    OK so I got the PB back and it works well. I paid $330 for a complete logic board replacement. All is well so far. I was very pleased with the speedy service and they even went so far as to clean up the exterior and add new rubber feet. Only thing I wasn't so pleased with was a few settings were changed. The background picture was changed and some iscroll options were different. All in all I'd definitely say it was a great experience. I'm just happy to have it back.

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