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powerbook memory

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by pabmac, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Hello All,

    I recently got one Crucial 1g stick for both my new 1.67 15inch dl and an old 1.25G 15inch.

    Both sticks are the 'generic' versions and I ordered from newegg.

    First, the DDR2 () CT12864AC53Ehas no problems so far, and really speeds things up; highly recommended.

    My question is about the DDR (CT12864x335). I've tried all slots and possibilities, but I still get the dread multi-lingual You Must Restart sign after a minute or so. However, the memory did pass the Apple Hardware Test I ran. So do I send it back or might it be possible to work out the kinks?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Simple, you bought the generic CT12864x335 DDR (PC2700) chip, not the one Crucial recommends for the 15" 1.25 GHz, which is a different (and more expensive) model. NewEff doesn't sell the Crucial model you need for your Powerbook.

    Sorry, you'll have to take your lumps on returning it for refund.

    For your machine, I recommend you stay with the Samsung genuine 1 Gb module. The 1st gen AlBooks are the touchiest ones out there for RAM compatibility. Best to go to a reputable dealer who tests their RAM and guarantees compatibility with your model Mac. Some folks here on MR like Crucial themselves, OWC (MacSales) 18004memory (Cost to Coast), in the USA I like Data Memory Systems.

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    go with a reputable dealer...you wont be sorry about that!

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