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Powerbook mouse...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by latisha1903, Dec 17, 2005.

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    Getting my kind of angry but from time to time, not too frequently the mouse on my powerbook g4 doesn't work. it moves really slow and doesn't go in the direction i direct it to go...has anyone else had this problem?

    i've only had my pb since April and never spilled anything on it or dropped it...
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    Does this usually happen when your laptop is cold. I have always had some issues with mine when I left it in a cold place, then started it up, then the mouse would be slow to respond for a few minutes. Sometimes if you put your hand on the mouse area for a few seconds, it can help correct the issue.
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    you know what i think that may be what it is. i'm in houston and its freezing outside...and i have left the pb on my glass coffee table from time to time, and its always cold...so very true...thanks i'll start covering it up or someting
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    I've had a similar thing with my iPod once or twice. When it's been laying in a cold place and I have cold hands first thing, it hasn't been too responsive on the click wheel.

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