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Powerbook PSU problem?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Welly, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    Had my G4 Powerbook for almost 2 months now, and as my first Mac, I'm regretting not buying one before! Anyway, apart from loving it, I've got a bit of a problem which could be with the PSU or something else, I'm unsure.

    What the problem is is that every couple of hours, and it's only recently in the last few days started doing this since moving to a new house, the power to the PSU either cuts out or there's an overload or something but the LED surrounding the power plug that goes into the Powerbook cuts out. Then on the menu bar, the battery icon (which currently says "Charged") changes to "Calculating" and then the whole thing goes to sleep. If I then unplug the PSU plug from the main socket and move it into another one, it fires up again and the PSU plug LED lights up again. It's very strange. I thought it might have been some dodgy electricity in the new house so I've bought a UPS which I thought might have solved the problem - not so it seems.

    If I actually unplug the PSU plug from my powerbook without unplugging it from the mains, it does the same thing - goes to sleep rather than going to battery power.

    I'm using the powerbook as a kind of desktop replacement with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse being plugged in and the screen closed.

    Any ideas?


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    Sounds like something is broken. Assuming you bought it new, it's still under warranty. Are you near an Apple Store or affiliated repair shop? I'd take it in. Why risk damage due to a short or overload?
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    It was bought 2nd hand but it wasn't that old when I bought it so I'm hoping there's still some warranty left on it. I'll have to give Apple a ring and see what they say. Strange thing is it's only just started doing this in the last few days since moving to my new place. I'm going to try it at a friend's house and see how it is there. It could well be the dodgy electricity at this house.



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