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PowerBook Question

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Aameiel, May 10, 2013.

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    Hi guy's n gals !!! I have a question. I have a 400mhz Pismo ?? and its been sitting in a laptop bag for a long time. Last time i used it , it worked perfect . Well today i went to use it and now it wont boot up!!!!! So i used the power cord from my claim shell and it still wont book up :( is it dead :confused: :(
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    Not sure if these have PRAM batteries, but if they do it probably ran down (or died). The PRAM battery is what enables your computer to remember the time and settings. Some of them are rechargeable, but require the occasional plug in to a power supply to recharge.

    Some PowerBooks won't boot if the PRAM battery is dead. Again, I don't know if your model has one or not. But here is something you can try. It won't hurt.

    Plug the Mac in. Leave it on the charger for 24 hours. After that, try and boot it.
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    Oh ok cool i'll plug her in over night and report back
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    With a such an old computer, the PRAM battery is most certainly dead. But if you disconnect it, the Pismo will boot up without problems. I've been running my Pismo for nearly five years without a PRAM battery.
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    That's how the powerbook 12" works. Doesn't have a PRAM battery. Just the regular battery so if you take out the regular battery you have to set the date again is all.
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    ^ what he said.

    If charging it up for 24 hours doesn't work, just go in and unplug the PRAM battery. I've rescued several "dead" Pismo's that way.
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    Ok so i let it sit over night and went to power it on and nothing. Then I saw the post about unpluging the Pram so i did that and it booted up just fine !!!!! thank you guys soooooooooo much !! <3 <3 <3
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    One other tip. Set your time and date to update via internet. Then, if you have an internet connection, it updates automatically. Honestly, I haven't noticed a downside to running without a PRAM battery so far.

    I mean, sure, it'll lose the time if you run down the battery completely, but who does that?
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    Ok will do that thanks ton !!
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    Glad to hear that!

    Another Pismo rescued!

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