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Powerbook replaced with a new Macbook by Applecare....questions...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cogsinister, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    After allmost 3 years (bought in London UK in December 2004) of faults on my Powerbook 12 inch G4 1.33 that add up to:

    3 replaced logic boards (would have been 4 with the latest failure).
    Superdrive failure.
    PSU failure.
    Trackpad buttion failure.

    Applecare decided to replace my computer with a new macbook (2.16, 120 gig HD)

    I have my old dead machine ready for UPS pickup today......

    has anyone any experience of how long the replacement process will take....does it start as soon as i confirm that the powerbook is in transit with UPS ?

    Will Apple canada first have to recieve the laptop and check it out before replacing it ?

    Any help is welcome on this...

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    Repairs can really vary. I've had repairs that have taken a 3 days total (meaning that they got to it and finished it the second day then shipped it off), and some that have taken over a week. It just matters on the time you send it - I don't think there are a lot of problems out there right now for Macs so you might have a quick turnaround.
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    Sorry to hear about all your problems, but getting a new MB for it is awesome! Even if you'd rather have an MBP, you could sell the MB. I hope you get your new machine very quick indeed!
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    I hope its fast:)
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    Yeah.....i would have liked a MBP, but it seems the macbook replaced the Ibook and the 12 inch Powerbook.....at least i got the mid range model and not the base 2ghz....

    I tried for an upgrade to 2 gig of ram.....but no luck......

    I am just glad the Applecare plan paid off......i love my PB, but i just can't trust it anymore....the latest logic board lasted 7 months......its been in for repair for months over the last 2 and a bit years.......

    I must say Applecare canada have been great all the way thru this......i even got a free Ipod nano after logic board #2 !!!
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    Er, did you read my post at all ?

    The Powerbook is being REPLACED....with a new Macbook.....nothing is being repaired....
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    Yeah so do i...

    stage one is wait for UPS to pick up old computer.....ive got my eyes on the road for the van pulling up.....

    Stage two is inform the lady at Apple replacements in Toronto that the old mac is in Transit to her.....then hopefully things can get into gear....

    I wonder how long UPS standard will take to get from Fredericton NB to Markham ON, bearing in mind this is friday and maybe the deliveries dont move on sat/Sun ?

    Oh this waiting is killing me !!!!!!!!!!!
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    By replaced, do you mean they are repairing your Powerbook?
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    No T, you know what i mean !!! :cool:
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    Jiddick ExRex

    I hope the repair will be quick for you! :p
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    Maybe after this repair they will replace it if it breaks again!

    I kid.:)

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