Powerbook screen differences?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by f-matic, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Hi all,

    I recently got the newest revision 12" powerbook and have so far been extremely happy with it... until I started playing with a friend's 12" powerbook (same revision) and noticed that the Apple light on the back of her screen glows a lot more brightly than mine. So I took a close look at the screen and realized her screen is a fair shade brighter than mine -- noticeable when working with anything color based in Photoshop, or just in general usage. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed screen differences between different powerbooks of the same revision and type? Would Apple use two different types of LCD in the same series of powerbook? Or is it possible that I just received a slightly dud screen?

    I'm still very satisfied with my own powerbook -- the screen seems bright enough for me -- just experiencing a mild bout of jealousy for my friend's screen!

    anyone had similar experiences?

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    Have you tried increasing brightness?
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    ha! yup, indeed i have -- my screen is on the highest brightness setting. any other ideas?
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    Do the 12 inchers (powerbooks fellas, powerbooks) have that ambient light sensor? If so, perhaps that could be the problem?
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    I've noticed similar differences with flat panel iMacs, i have a 15" and my friend has a 17". when both systems were next to each other there was a definate colour and brightness difference, the 17" was "Bluer" and brighter and they were both using same colour profiles / brightness levels etc, it was a very noticable difference, true they are completly different displays but apple do often go on about how their displays are good for "acurate colour".

    your display may just be from a different batch, maybe some of the newest powerbooks use the same older screens and some have a newer type.

    unless it gets darker as it gets older dont worry about it, i don't think my iMac is as bright as when i got it but it is over 18 month old (800mhz 15")

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    Colorsync calibration

    Did you or your friend modified the screen calibration? This can make a world of difference. When you compare, make sure that both powerbooks are set to the default (Color LCD) and see if there's still noticable difference...
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    thanks for the replies! i did check to see, and both pbooks were set to the default color lcd profile. i think the previous poster is probably correct -- the screens just seem to be of different make, since the apple light on hers glows a lot brighter than mine. it's not a big deal to me, since my screen is significantly brighter than my old pismo -- just it would be nice to have as bright as screen as possible!

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