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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by DZL, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. DZL
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    Hi all -

    I am a new switcher - and I originally ordered a MBP 17", but after careful deliberation, decided to go instead with the Mac Pro (I do 3D and video work).

    However, I'd still like a laptop for presentation purposes. And I was thinking of buying a pre-owned Powerbook from powermax(dot)com. I wanted a little more power than what a macbook would give me, as well as a larger screen (17"), but not have to spend as much as a new macbook pro.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Thanks -

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    The PowerBooks are great machines, a little slow now, but if you already have a MacPro then that should not matter, so I would say to get one.
  3. DZL
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    I forgot - would I be able to run bootcamp on the Powerbook's processor?


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    No, only on the intel machines (macbook, macbook pro)
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    No you will not be able to run BootCamp on the powerbook, because it has a PowerPC processor and BootCamp requires an Intel processor.
  6. DZL
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    thanks -

    Hey, thanks for the responses... I doubt I'll do any 3d work on this machine (maybe a little photoshop work), and video presentations; so it might do.

    I figure i'll pay 1K on an older powerbook 17" and get a little more juice than i would with a brand new macbook.
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    Is there a reason you wouldn't get a macbook? Might get a lot more gusto for your money that way. (other than screen real estate)
  8. DZL
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    good question - other than screen size, i guess there'd be no problem with the macbook...
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    I think that the only reason to get the powerbook over the macbook would be for the screen size, but I havn't looked at what the powerbooks were selling for recently but I thought that they were going for less than 1K if they are really going for 1K then unless you need the larger screen I would go for a refurb MacBook.
  10. DZL
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    excellent point - i was looking at this machine:


    i guess what i'm really paying for is more screen space...

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