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PowerLogix Upgrades For Slot-Loading iMacs

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rice_web, May 11, 2003.

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    They're available at 900MHz using the 750FX. I currently own a 400MHz iMac DV and am considering this upgrade. What do you guys think of it?

    I'm buying a new iMac or PowerMac at the end of May or start of June (probably iMac seeing as the PowerMacs will likely see an update at WWDC or MacWorld Creative Pro), so I'm questioning if it's worth it to buy just the upgrade, just the new computer, or both. I'll have roughly a $2200 computer budget then, so which route should I take?
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    I was thinking about a new eMac, but if I could get this old girl spinning at 900Mhz on a 750fx chip, it would give me a couple more years. Let me know if you do it how it works, I would be interested.
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    Well, I'm not sold on the idea. However, a 900MHz iMac will run on par with an eMac at 800MHz for the everyday applications, and only when I dig into iMovie will I notice a difference (granted, the difference at that point will be quite large).

    I have three reasons for buying a new iMac: the DVD burner, the video card and the flat-panel monitor. The fact that it is a new machine doesn't hurt, and the possibility of future upgrades even faster than now available is appealing also.
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    Its total crap. You will still be on a...what, 8MB or 16MB video card that does not support QE?
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    Re: Crap

    Yeah it would still be stuck with the old Rage 128 with 8MB of RAM, but still don't you think all functions would run faster just with the jump from 400Mhz to 900Mhz and going to 512K on-chip L2 from the old 512K backside.

    I think it would make one heck of an improvement in performance for a lot less then a new computer. Just a way for those with limited budgets to get a little better performance, even though I think the processor speed alone would make a huge difference.
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    Re: Crap

    I mentioned the video card as a reason for buying a new Mac, but the video card isn't terribly important to me.

    Outside of Quartz Extreme, I will gain very little from a better video card. I don't play games, and my Rage 128 isn't much slower than a GeForce4MX in 2D, Photoshop-like work.

    The move to a 900MHz processor should be enough.

    Besides, $349 with shipping included is nothing for the performance boost.
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    If you compare only the processor scores on xBench the iBook with a 900Mhz 750FX (G3) is benching anywhere from a score of 58-62. The 400Mhz 750 (G3) runs a score from about 38-42. So if you just compare processors and not the rest of the system you still see a big improvement. Well let me know what you decide, I would like someone to try it and report back then I might try doing it.
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    Well if I upgrade my system, I'll have one pimpin' iMac:

    - 900MHz Sahara G3
    - 512K L2 Cache
    - 768MB RAM
    - 80GB Hard Drive
    - 24x CD-Burner

    If I buy an iMac this Summer, I'll have another pimpin' iMac. :)
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    Heck if you have 768MB of RAM and an 80GB HD in the iMac, I say go for the update, that would be pimpin' for an old "fruity" iMac!
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    I also have a 400 MHz iMac DV, and was interested in the PowerLogix upgrade until I saw those numbers.

    If I'm paying $349 to go from 400 MHz to 900 MHz, I expect a machine that is at least twice as fast. But if xBench only shows scores going from about 40 to about 60, that's only a 50% gain. Not worth almost $400.

    For people with older iMac (non-Flat Panel) machines, I'm not sure these upgrades make sense. My machine has a slot-load DVD drive. If I buy an external CD-RW for it, I'd spend about $150. If I buy an external DVD-RW, I'd spend about $300. Processor upgrade, $350. So $500-$650 for more speed and some kind of burner.

    For $800, you can get an eMac with a bigger screen, better graphics, faster processor, plus all the G4 + Altivec benefits. I'd say that is a much better buy than trying to upgrade a 3-4 year old iMac. Keep it...love it...but don't try to overhaul it. It won't be worth it in the long run.

    -- Ensoniq
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    Well, I already have the CD burner (got that two years ago) and a nice memory upgrade (last year), so in a line of upgrades, I may as well take the jump with the processor.

    By the way, a 50% jump isn't bad by any means. For $350, one may question the move. However, the jump from a 400MHz to an 800MHz processor (as is the option for PowerMac Sawtooth owners) provides a relatively small increase for about the same price. In comparison to PC parts, it's a terrible expense, but the Mac upgrade market has always been pricey for its customers.



    The benchmarks on that page actually make me more willing to spring the cash.
  12. job
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    Hey rice_web,

    I sent you an email, but I'm going to bring this thread back since I'm considering the same upgrade.

    My only question right now is do you wait for Powerlogix to send you the container and anti-static bag for the mobo before you ship it to them? That part didn't seem too clear on their website.

    Has anyone else attempted any other slot-loading iMac CPU upgrades?
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    I am still considering it as well. I would like to hear about someone who has did it and see what they think about it. I am looking for better performance in OSX for day to day stuff...500 more Mhz I think would really help!

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