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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by CaVoLo, Mar 30, 2003.

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    i was wondering if anyone knew of any places that sold
    just the power mac cases
    none of the internals just the cases...
    i would like to custoum build a pc
    but yet still have the style of apple on the outside

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    i wouldn't say that too loudly. Which powermac case are you looking at? Quicksilver? MDD? B&W? or another ..... there might be one on ebay or someone else might have a site.
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    Thats odd, why wouldnt you want a mac? well minus that debate, be carefull, the powermac case is very tailored to apples system board, i have a quick silver and you would first have to find a way to mount the board, make sure no fans are interferd with. which isnt as easy as it sounds. They are pretty awesome PC cases out there, you could prolly get one of them a lot cheaper than your ever gonna find a mac case, and sink that money saved into better components.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    The case is just one place the mac is great, i love my keyboard and yes the 1 button mouse. The software rocks, all the iapps and the software is the mac. The hardware is designed great. its only the g4 and motherboard that has fallen a little. The 970 is coming and iam waiting. to use a powermac case and then put a pc in it is like a bmw gutted and made a chevy.( nothing against chevys)!
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    i think its pretty obvious he just wants the answer to the mac/pc debate. I"m sure he either has a mac, is saving for a mac, or doesn't like macs at all except for his appaerance. Either way I doubt he came here to be swtiched he jsut likes good design
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    Dont Hurt Me

    The mac is such a great experience, the fact they they make the hardware and the software makes the difference. the software rules! the hardware styling rules, the g4 well thats another story but i still think that if you are looking for the best computer/experience the Mac is the way. After the 970 shows well it will be in another league.
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    bingo i love macs....and as much as i hate pc's i will still admit that they are better for gaming
    so i was going to build my own i was just figuring that i might as well make it look cool while im at it....just thingk how many people out there have a pc inside a powermac case

    right now im saving for a new imac and a ibook
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    this isn't too hard

    It's been done before. Search around. I know I saw it somewhere. I don't really understand why you'd want to though. If you're just gaming get something like a shuttle SN41G2. It's 1/4th the size, but packs an Nforce2 mobo, up to 2 gigs ram, two hard drives and an optical drive. Limitations are only two slots, an AGP and PCI. Everything's integrated though except a super fast graphics card. The built in graphics are about a geforce 4mx with dual head. It's also good looking, in my oppinion, compared to those ugly big black boxes with windows. Why are those so popular? Ugh.

    But if you must have the Mac look, it's been done before so it's not impossible.
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    Notice he hasn't replied...
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  11. acj
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    There we are. That's the one I saw. I think they did a good job. Let us know if you have success.
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    My suggestion is to look for used G3 Power Macs being sold at online stores. But they are not cheap, compared to fresh new cases you can buy for PC's. I don't think it's worth your money, especially if you are saving up for new computers.
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    That is totally beautiful... in a dark side of the force kind of way.
    Looks like lots of work went into it.

    I think Apple should go with totally white cases (even the handles) except for the interior which I think should be brushed aluminum.

    That would lend itself to the pro and consumer lines well.
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    Hey, I know someone with an empty G4 tower. From what I know it's totally gutted. It's the "Graphite" model which is kind of silver with the dark blue apple, a la Cube. I'm sure he'd be willing to sell it as it's just sitting around getting dusty. I'll find out and send you a PM to let you know either way. BTW, I'd like to see some pics of the building process!
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    If your friend is selling it and the orginal poster does not want it...let me know. I would give it a shot....get my dremel out ;)

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