Powermac G4 MDD empty case ideas

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Mr_T, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Hiya everyone,

    So I finally pulled my old, very dead, Powermac Dual G4 MDD out of the closet. I like the case design so much that I would like to keep it around if possible. Only thing is I'm not sure what I can do with it. Plant pot, aquarium, lamp, etc... Any ideas of what this thing can become in it's afterlife?

    ~ Mr.T

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    Well, you could always make a beer server out of it, or a mailbox. Or you could put a new G4 in it, or a PC.

    Or give it to me! I'm in Chicago!
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    Spanky Deluxe

    I'm pretty sure you can get quite a bit of money for that actually, as an empty case, faulty or sold as spares in multiple items. The power supply alone is worth a good deal I think. Apple cases sell for a premium because Windows Haxxors like the look of them and like to build PCs into them.
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    Hmmmm... the beer server sounds like a good idea. It might come in handy for parties (sangria one day, beer the next, maybe hot cider in the fall). My location is out of date though, I'm in Boston now, not Chicago. :)

    I never thought that I could sell it. I just went to small dog and they are selling a couple for 50 bucks. Unfortunately the powersupply may be at fault with this unit. It's either the powersupply or the motherboard, and there's no way i'm putting more money into this thing to figure out which one it is.

    No, I'm definitely going to keep this puppy and convert it into something...

    Anyone else have any cool ideas? I promise to post pics after I'm done.

    ~ Mr.T
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    www.ifixit.com sells all sorts of mac stuff. You could build up a new computer and sell it as 'custom built' or you could build the first 500GB iPod hybrid type thing. Even have a mini screen on it. And then have outputs for tv/hifi.
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    HAHA! Imagine if you could somehow make a RAID level 0 array in the thing, and have the ipod recognize it as one giant drive!

    MegaPOD. Put a car battery in it to run it.
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    If he was really kean about it, he could find some way of utilising an old clamshell display for better useability.

    The possabilities are endless!!
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    I would also either turn it into a rebuilt G4 or *gasp* mod it into a PC. :D :)
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    They sell mostly iPod and portable parts.
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    I love the look of those more than any other mac. Maybe someday I'll pick one up for a semi reasonable price. $1000 not a chance.

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