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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by iSaygoodbye, Mar 30, 2009.

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    So i just got a powermac g4 and this is my first time on a mac. its running tiger. I have a couple n00b questions to ask. How do i chance the desktop background? Where does itunes put all the purchased music, becuase i would like to organize it the same way itunes does. Last question, how do i change teh font size in ichat its really small for me
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    It's your first time on a Mac?!?!?!?

    OK, so you need help?
    First of all, go down into the Kitchen and make a Pirate Hat out of Tin Foil.

    Then go back to your geek den and open up these applications (iTunes/iChat etc) and then get a 4 foot ladder and climb up to the menu bar at the top, and for each application, there should be a "HELP" tab, click on that, a window should open that says "Ask A Question"

    The 'Help' tab is your friend...
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    I've only been using computers for 2 years now. I'm using the Tiger 10.4.11 OS. One of the best books that I've had to help explain everything thouroughly in a way that is understandable is: Mac OSX, "The Missing Manual" by David Pogue. Most other books, and even the help menus as times can seem like you are only getting half an explanation. This book comes close to making every clear.

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    @ ironspider

    All he just said is a Conspiracy Theory

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